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Easy Ways To Export Firefox Bookmarks

If you are searching for easy ways to export Firefox bookmarks then this post is everything that you will need. One can simply use the export Firefox bookmarks option and it will take you from one port to another. This works best to export passwords and all to different cookies option. You may also choose to shift from distinct browser simply by exporting the bookmarks.

Thus, if you are searching for ways to export Firefox bookmarks, then here are some easy way outs-

Open the Firefox browser and select the Bookmarks option. Next, select Show all Bookmarks option and it will get you to the library window. Select from the Library window toolbar and click on the Import option. Next, you will have to Backup the option by selecting the Bookmarks to HTML.

Also, see whether the location is set by default and set it to bookmarks.html. Click on the save button and it will export bookmarks to HTML window before it is closed. Also, close the library window and continue with the next troubleshooting steps.


How To Export Bookmarks From Firefox?


After you have successfully exported bookmarks from Firefox, the issue arises about how to use the exported bookmarks from Firefox. Hence, there arises the need to call for importing the bookmarks to Windows or Mac. For this, you can use any of the locations for Firefox on your system. Nextly, if you wish to proceed through Firefox bookmarks, go through the below-provided steps-


Export Bookmarks From Firefox To Mac

Export Bookmarks From Firefox To MacAfter you have exported bookmarks from Firefox, the following steps will get you to the right bookmarks on the browser of your Mac. In this case, it will be Safari. Now, follow the next steps-

  • Open Safari browser in Mac.
  • Look for File menu at the top side of Safari window. Then, select the right option that will take you to the right option for importing all the bookmarks.
  • The next steps would be to find the right location of the bookmarks file. This will primarily be the one that you have saved from Firefox. Open it by clicking on the option below.
  • Rename the bookmark folder.
  • Lastly, click on the Bookmarks menu in order to ensure if all your bookmarks are exported. You will need to access it from Firefox once it is successfully imported to Mac.

Exporting Firefox Bookmarks In Windows

Exporting Firefox Bookmarks In WindowsIn case you are a Windows user, you will surely be using browsers such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. After you have exported the bookmarks from Firefox to Mac, you will need to set it as the default browser. For this, go through the following steps-

Step 1-

Open the Internet Explorer on your Windows PC.

Step 2-

Press Alt 1 using your keyboard. You can also choose to go to the File menu bar.

Step 3-

It will open the file drop-down menu. Choose the Import and Export option from the list then continue with the next steps.

Step 4-

The Import and Export menu window will appear on the screen.

Step 5-

In the settings menu of Import and export barm, click the option to select Import from a file. Then, click on the Next button.

Step 6-

There, you will have to select the Favorites just by clicking on the Next button.

Step 7-

Click on the Browse button. This will lastly allow you to select the bookmark file.

Step 8-

In the opened window, look for Firefox bookmarks location. This is the one that you have created to save the exported bookmarks. Nextly, click on the Open button.

Step 9-

It will showcase the entire Firefox bookmarks location. This will appear in the dialog box.

Step 10-

Next step is to click on the Favorites folder to export bookmarks. It is the one that needs to be imported. Once this step is completed, select the next button to continue with the rest.

Step 11-

This method will generally take a few minutes to import all your bookmarks.

Once it is successfully done, you will be able to export the bookmarks from Firefox to the Internet Explorer. Go through all the solutions above and see which one works the best to make you get rid of the issue.