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Effective Steps On How To Enroll Epson Connect Printer Setup Process

Every Epson printers come along with a cloud print and scan service, which in general is known as Epson Connect. Through this, you can print from any mobile device, be it smartphone or tablet or computer and from almost any electronic device imaginable. If you intend to use all the utilities and drives from Epson, then at first, you have to accept the terms and conditions mentioned in the license. If you want to access the emails in order to print from any of your devices, then you need to register the printer in the Epson Connect service. The Epson Connect Printer Setup utility is compatible with Windows 10 to XP and with Mac OS X 10.14 to 10.5. So, users can easily use these devices to accomplish their job. Read this article to know about the steps that can help you with the Epson Connect Printer Setup process.

Easy Tricks And Tips On How To Setup Epson Connect Printer

If you intend to print a document either through the computer or through the mobile device, then at first, you have to register them. Epson Connect Printer Setup process can help the printer to join with the requisite device for a smooth interface. Here, in this section, you get to know about the effective methods that can help with the Epson Connect Printer Setup. Have a look:

Register Your Epson Printer To Operate Through The Computer

Register Your Epson Printer To Operate Through The Computer

At first, you have to register the printer from the computer in order to set it up. Follow the steps given below:

  • Verify whether the printer has a proper internet connection. You can also enable the auto connect button so that the system software can automatically detect the device.
  • Next, you have to download the utility on your computer and wait till the installation. In case the program fails to run automatically, then you have to do it manually.
  • Select your printer model and then hit the Next button. Now, go to printer registration and select it to move to the Next option.
  • When a new window appears, confirm your agreement with the license in the new window. Follow the on-screen prompts and at the end of all the steps click the OK button.
  • You will get a printer request, hit the Yes button and load the machine with papers. Finally, follow the instructions that are appropriate for the installation process.
  • You can also go to the installation wizard to create a new account. You will get a form if you are a new user. Fill it up in order to create a new printer account and hit the Finish button.
  • If you are trying to register a new product through your existing account, then select the option ‘I already have an account’. Again, fill out the ‘Add a new printer form’, and click on ‘Add’.
  • Lastly, hit the Enter button and wait to note if the printer is able to print all the necessary information to use the service. If you have previously registered your mail ID, then you might also get an approval mail.

After carrying out the above Epson Connect Printer Setup process, try to print a page. This is just to test whether the steps were performed accurately.

Register Your Epson Printer To Operate Through Mobile

Register Your Epson Printer To Operate Through Mobile

If you want to print the documents present on your mobile, then at first, you have to register the printer from the mobile device. Follow the steps given below for the appropriate result:

  • At first, you have to ensure that the printer has a proper internet connection. If not, then you can configure it according to the directions provided in the installation manual.
  • When you are done with the network configuration, navigate the default browser on your mobile device.
  • Go to the search bar and type in ‘http://’ and without any space enter the printer’s IP address.
  • In case the IP is not known to you, then you can go to the printer’s Control Panel to get the requisite information.
  • You will note that the printers web setup page appears on the screen. Locate the Web Configuration section and click on it. Then, go to the Firmware Update option after clicking on it, simply follow the on-screen prompts.
  • If you are a new user, then you have to create a new account from your computer. However, in case you already have a previously registered account, then click on the ‘Epson Connect Services line’.
  • After registering, you have to follow the instruction on your screen, and then, load papers on the printer tray.
  • After the Epson Connect Printer Setup process gets complete, click on the finish button. Wait till you get any emails or printed information regarding the registration.
  • Lastly, verify whether you are able to print the document from your mobile device through the Epson printer.


The steps mentioned in the above section are more than easy to help you with the Epson Connect printer setup process. Even if you are not enough acquainted in the technical domain, just by following the steps in the appropriate series, you can accomplish your goal.  It is indeed an excellent service for all the professionals who are constantly on the go. Simply, send the file you want to print to the special email address that is assigned to your Epson printer and the job will be completed away.

All you need is an internet connection and your electronic device to take benefit of all utilities Epson Connect offer in a box. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you keep the auto update button enabled. This will help you to get the latest revisioned version of the software. Along with that, the additional features will also act in your favor to eliminate the risky bugs during the printing process.