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Know How To Download Firefox 56 Using Relevant Methods

Firefox is a very much secure web browser and is therefore loved by many users. It is a very fast and efficient browser. It is customizable and is available on any platform including desktop, Mac, or Android device as well. Firewall 56 is a version number. The Firefox is developed by Mozilla. So, if you want to download Firefox 56, then you can follow the article.

Learn How To Download Firefox 56

There are different ways to download Mozilla Firefox 56 in different platforms.

Method 1: Firefox For Windows

Step 1: Visit the Mozilla Firefox website

Go to the website of Mozilla and choose the Firefox web browser product.

Step 2: Click on Download

Now click on the download button to download the Firefox web browser.

Step 3: Select The Type Of Installation

You can choose standard installation type which is suitable for you.

  • Before installing the browser, select an appropriate location. Firefox usually downloads where you have pointed your download settings. Also, you can change the settings if you wish.
  • Then install the maintenance service. As soon as you select this option, Firefox will start automatic updatation of the files.
  • You must select a place for placing the icons. Interestingly, you will be provided options to pick which includes the Start menu, Desktop, and Quick launch bar.
  • You can also make the Firefox your default browser.

Step 4: Start Firefox

After you have installed the Firefox, you can launch it. You can double-click on the Firefox icon, or if you have checked the checkbox against Run automatically before finishing the installation, then your browser will start automatically.

Step 5: Import All Settings

Also, if you are using any other browser and want to discontinue the same, then you will have the facility of importing the settings of that browser.

Method 2: Firefox For Mac

Step 1: Download The Browser

Go to the Mozilla website and download the Firefox browser. You can change the language and choose a suitable one as per your wish.

Step 2: Open DMG File

As soon as your download is complete, the file will start on its own. But if that does not happen, then you can double-click on the file present on the desktop.

Step 3: Install

Your next job will be to install the application. So drag and drop the file into the particular applications folder. Hold the control key and tap on the Firefox Window. Then, press Eject Firefox.

Step 4: Put Firefox On The Taskbar

You can keep your Firefox application on the taskbar for quick access. So drag and drop it on the taskbar.

Step 5: Start Firefox
In the end, you can start Firefox. First, confirm that you want to open the Firefox application. Firefox may ask you to set it as the default browser in your system. Choose any one and then start your browser.
Hence, you have installed Firefox web browser on your Mac successfully.

Method 3: Firefox For Android

Step 1: Download On Android

Always download Firefox from the Google playstore. Never use any other website to download apps on your android because it can harm your device.

Step 2: Install

In the next step as soon as the download finishes, you have to install the application. Tap on the Install button on your phone once. Before doing so, you have to accept the permissions provided to you.

Step 3: Launch The Application

As soon as your installation is finished, you will be prompted to launch the application.

These are the ways through which you can download Firefox 56. Hopefully, the information provided in this article will help you in resolving the issue that you are facing.