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How To Download And Update Device Driver Windows 10

Microsoft has become one of the largest organizations in recent times. They have achieved these new feet by invoking some of the latest technology and innovation in their technologies running in the market. They have included some of the new features in their latest launch of Windows 10 that can outmarket any of the other technologies. One of the primary parts of Windows 10 is its drivers. Without the proper driver, the systems will not be able to run properly. In order to establish the proper connection between the hardware and software, the updated driver is essential. So, today we will be taking a proper look at how to download and update device driver Windows 10.

Requirement Of Drivers: Know About It

There could be a number of reasons when the system fails to work properly. One of those main reasons can be the drivers, installed in your system. Without the installation of the proper diver and their updates, the system might behave improperly. Whatever the features are, drivers are always required to get access to them and control them. A driver is basically a software comprised of different operation for a different feature in an operating system. Whether you want to use the Bluetooth or the WiFi, without the proper driver, you won’t be able to run it.

There are various drivers that may find for an operating system running on Windows 10. Namely, there is the sound drivers, graphics drivers, Bluetooth drivers, Portable Hotspot driver and many other. These are some of those essential drivers that need to be installed on the system. So, now let’s take a proper look on how to download and update device driver Windows 10.

Download And Update Device Driver Windows 10: Road To Solution

Whenever you are using the device drivers, there are some points that you need to know while using them. These points basically include how to update drivers Windows 10, how to check for driver updates Windows 10 etc. So we will move forward step by step for downloading the drivers and updating them.

How To Download Drivers Windows 10

To download the drivers on Windows 10, there is basically some processes that you can apply.

First, check what kind of features and plugins you have. Also, check the operating system version and the CPU. Now, you may visit the official manufacturer’s’ website for detailed information. There you will find all the relevant information required for the specification. Once verified, now you can proceed with the download. While downloading the drivers, one thing that you should look out for is the originality. Don’t try to use any kind of third-party drivers. It may bring additional damage to your system.  

How To Install Drivers On Windows 10

Once you have downloaded the driver files on your Windows 10, now, its time to install the same. To install the drivers, just double-click on the downloaded item and follow the process as it prompts. The prompt will basically ask you to follow some of the steps to install it. As the process will be over, you can check the driver in the installed application section. Follow this same process for all the drivers, and you are ready to use the features.

How To Update Drivers Windows 10

After the recent Windows 10 update, some of the processes have also changed. That’s why while downloading and installing the different drivers, also look for the process of how to check for driver updates windows 10. After download and update device driver Windows 10, let’s take a look on how to check for the latest updates.

First, go to the Start Menu and then find the Device Manager option. After getting into the Device Manager option, expand the categories to find the name of your system.

Now, right-click on it and select the Update Driver option.

As an example, to update the graphics card driver, expand into the display adapters. After that right click on the graphics card and select update driver.

Now, select search automatically for updated driver software. After this, if the system doesn’t find any latest driver software, you may search for it manually on the manufacturer’s website and follow the on-screen instructions.

In the way to download and update device driver Windows 10, if these steps don’t work properly, then it would be better if you try reinstalling the drivers again.

In that case, open the Device Manager, right click on the name of the device and select uninstall. Then restart your PC and try to reinstall those drivers again.

These were some of the process and tips that you can apply while trying to download and update the drivers in Windows 10. If this article has helped you in any way, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you are finding any difficulties during the process. We would be happy to interact with you.