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Disable Runtime Broker Windows 10 With Easy Hacks

Nowadays millions of users use Windows 10 Operating System on their computer and android devices. Windows 10 introduced several features such as bundled apps, Lock screen, Microsoft edge, etc. After using those apps, users really find it interesting.

If you are a Windows 10 Operating System user then, you might notice that Runtime Broker.exe is running within the Task manager.

Now you must be curious about what is it?  Is Runtime Broker one kind of virus or something else? Is it safe or not?

In this article we will discuss each and every point of runtime broker Windows 10 and most importantly how to disable runtime broker on Windows 10.

What Is Runtime Broker?

Runtime Broker was introduced for first time on Windows 8 and after that, it continued on Windows 10.

Runtime Broker is a Microsoft process that is used to determine permissions which are used by other apps and allow those apps to access to different permissions if you grant that permissions of this program.

It does not take too much memory. On an average, it uses generally 20-30 MB  space. But in case if you are using a universal app which uses different permission then, a huge amount of space is required for the Runtime broker.

In case if you are using more than one universal app than the Runtime Broker, it will consume a lot of memory than usual.

Problems Associated With Runtime Broker

Many users report that if they use more than one universal app on their PC, then they face some troubles such as most of their Windows are not responding and when they check the Task manager, the system shows that Runtime Broker is eating your disk usages and CPU.

Many Windows 10 user complained that they can not run the other programmes as Runtime Broker is using the whole CPU.

As a result, they get an error message’ The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation’ and once this error message pops up on their system, then they can not do anything with their Windows 10 Operating System.

Sometimes this error message may also generate when they not rebooted or restarted their PC for a long time.

Unfortunately, if you are one of those users who face problem regarding the Runtime Broker then, this article seems very much helpful to you as within this article you will get all the resolving process and by using those methods  you can disable Runtime Broker Windows 10 and after that, you can run your other programmes smoothly.

Disable Runtime Broker Windows 10: Solutions You Can Try

To disable Runtime Broker on Windows 10 Operating System, you should go through the below methods.

Method 1-  Reboot Your Computer

So the first thing you can try to reboot your laptop or computer. If this method does not work then, follow the other methods given below:

  • In the beginning, go the Start menu and then Settings,
  • After that select the Update and Security option
  • Then check to updates ‘ if updates are available ‘ then update your device
  • In case, if the update is not available then, click on the ‘View update history’ button
  • After that, check the last update
  • Then, click on  ‘Uninstall Update’
  • Find the recent update and uninstall it
  • Now click on Next if your Windows 10 warns you that you would not be able to get the previous version of your Windows
  • When Reset option will prompt on your display, click on that and then tap on continue to continue this rebooting process.

Now, wait for sometime until the rebooting process is completed.
Hope this method will work for you, if not then go to the next method.

Method 2- Turn Off The Background Apps

Turn Off The Background AppsSometimes if you run too many apps on your computer then also your system becomes slow. In such cases, you should disable the Background Apps. At first, go to your Windows 10 homepage and after that press Windows + I together to open the Settings option on your screen.
Once you have reached to the Settings page,  then click on ‘Privacy’ from the available menu.
Scroll down until you find the Background Apps and after that click on it.
Now uncheck all the apps.
This method will undoubtedly reduce your overall Disk usage and CPU usage and will help you to operate your other programme very quickly and smoothly. But if the CPU continue to deal with that problem then have a look at the next method.

Method 3-  Use The Task Manager Tool

Use The Task Manager ToolIf your computer is running slow then, you should press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyword to install the Task manager to determine how much CPU is used by the Runtime Broker.
This is one of the quickest and easiest methods to resolve this problem.  To terminate the Runtime broker.exc from the Windows PC, you should follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, go to the processes tab and click on that
  • After that select Runtime Broker from the available list. Then, choose ‘ End task’ forcefully and end the Runtime Broker.

If you are still unable to disable the Runtime Broker  Windows 10, then try the next one.

Method 4- Disable The “Updates From More Than One Place” Tool On Windows 10

Disable The “Updates From More Than One Place” Tool On Windows 10A lot of users noticed that after turning off the ‘ Updates from more than one place’ features from the Settings,  the Runtime Broker does not use too much CPU of your computer anymore.
To disable this ‘Update from more than one place’ tool at first you should press Windows + I to open the Settings. Now in the Settings, select the Update and Security button.
After that click on the Advanced options button and then tap on the ‘ Choose how updates are delivered’ link.
Finally, turn off the ‘ Update from more than one place’ features.
Next, restart your computer and see if there is any change. If the Runtime Broker issue persists, then another method is for you.

Method 5- Update Windows 10’s Latest Version

Update Windows 10’s Latest VersionIf you are a Windows 10 user and you do not update your Windows 10 Operating System for a long time then this Runtime Broker issue may irritate you. So if you have already applied the above four methods and none of them works, then we will recommend you to update your Windows 10 OS on your computer or laptop.

For updating, you need to visit the homepage of your Windows 10’s Operating System. From there, you should select the version that is recommended for you. Then, click on that and after that read the on-screen instructions and tap on Apply. After that updating process will begin. You should wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes until the updating process is finished.

Now exit from the page and restart your computer to operate your programmes quickly.


There are also some causes that may be responsible for this type of issue on your Windows 10 OS, such as News, Voice recorder, Photos, etc. You need to identify which app is responsible for this issue and then try the above-mentioned methods. After that, you should get rid of this problem.