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Fixed: Disable Password From Windows 10 [Step-by-Step]

Sometimes Windows 10 users find it very tedious to provide passwords each time they want to log-in to their computer from sleep mode. Thus, they want to remove the password from their computer. Here we are going to discuss how to disable password from Windows 10.

Procedure To Disable Password from Windows 10

The steps to disable password in Windows 10 are as follows:

1. In the search bar type ‘netplwiz’ and press enter.
2. In the ‘User’ windows remove the mark beside ‘User must enter a User Name and a Password to use this computer,’ and then select ‘OK’.
3. To make sure that password is disabled in your computer re-enter the password in your computer i.e.; put the password in the ‘password’ and ‘confirm password’ box and select ‘OK’.
After doing all these steps reboot your computer once.

Some Other Situations

Sometimes we encounter some situations, where the password in Windows 10 cannot be disabled or password in Windows 10 may not be working or we may have forgotten the password. In that situation, here is what you have to do.

Windows 10 Password Not Disabled

Sometimes we find that even after removing the password from our system with the help of ‘netplwiz’ the password is not disabled. This occurs because we might have given the wrong password or any other password for other user accounts. Therefore, we have to follow these steps;

1. Hold down the ‘Windows’ logo key and the letter ‘R’  key together on the keyboard.
2. In the run box type ‘control userpasswords2’ and press enter key.
3. Select ‘User Account’ in which you want to login(in case you more than one user account).
4. Remove the check mark in the ‘User must enter the User Name and Password to use this computer’.
5. Provide the right User Name’ and ‘Password’ and press enter.
6. You will be getting an option stating ‘User Name’, ‘Password’ and ‘Confirm Password”. Fill in the details.
7. Select ‘OK’ twice.
8. Reboot your system.


Password Not Matched

Sometimes while logging into our computer we find that the password which we provided to our computer is not matched(or we have forgotten our password. Therefore to log into our computer we have to perform some steps, they are

1. Hold and release the ‘Shift’ key with your one finger to reboot.
Select the option ‘Repair your computer’ on the left-hand bottom side of the installation window.
2. Press ‘Troubleshoot’.
3. Next, select ‘Advanced Options’ and select ‘Command Prompt’.
4. In the command prompt type ‘net user Administrator/active: Yes’. Thus the command will be initiated in your system.
5. Press ‘Enter’.
6. Your computer will restart and you can log-in back to your computer without the password.

So, in this way, we can remove passwords from our Windows 10 computer.

Some Other Versions

Also if anyone is using other versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 then they follow the previously mentioned steps to remove passwords from their computer.

This will help you to remove the password from your Windows computer. While removing the password from your computer if you face any problem while removing the password from your computer you can place your queries in the comment section below.