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How To Disable Avast [Updated Guide 2020]

In today’s era, Mac is the cleanest and fastest Operating System. For these reasons, people are attracted towards the Mac OS with every passing day. The Mac Operating System is the most advanced OS and it prevents your system from any kind of threats. Additionally, if you use security software, then it can be a plus point for you. And for that, Avast is always a user’s first preference. However, nowadays millions of Mac users complained that they are hugely plagued with errors on their Avast antivirus and they want to disable their Avast antivirus. Unfortunately, if you are one of them, then focus on this article, as in this article we have covered almost each and every point regarding “How to Disable Avast Mac?” and guide you with some easy steps to disable it.

Why you should disable the Avast security software

It is compulsory for you that you should know the reasons for disabling your Avast security system. Well, there comes a time when you are trying to download and install any new driver or files on your system. If your Avast antivirus is running on the backend, then the downloading procedure may stop. In such cases, you have to temporarily disable your antivirus.

Sometimes, your Avast antivirus may block your favorite applications or other programs, so you need to disable your Avast antivirus. Also, if you want to update your Mac Operating System and your device drivers but due to the Avast, you cannot. In those cases, for your system’s protection, you have to disable your Avast antivirus.

Many of Mac users come up with questions like “How to disable Avast Mac?” and for them, we have prepared this guide. Watch out for the following methods to disable the Avast antivirus.

How to Disable Avast Mac Security– Know How?

Here are some steps given by using which you can disable the Avast antivirus on your Mac Operating System. Have a Look:

Disable the Avast Antivirus Completly(All Shields)

Disable the Avast Antivirus CompletlyCompletely disable the Avast security software means to turn off the whole Antivirus, it is a very simple process. Now, go through the below-mentioned steps to disable the Avast antivirus.

Step 1

In the beginning, go to the home page of your Mac Operating System and then, click on the Avast icon. Sometimes the icon may hide. In those cases, you have to find that icon and right click on the Avast icon.  Several options may appear on your screen from there you have to search for the ‘Avast shields control’ options. Then, choose any of the among options which ask you how many times you want to disable your Avast antivirus. Such as:

  1. 10 minutes
  2. 1-hour
  3. Until the computer restarts
  4. permanently

Step 2

Whichever option you may select Avast can ask you for a reconfirmation. This you need to confirm by selecting Yes and That’s it. Avast will be disabled for the time that you want.

Step 3

Now, if you want to check whether your Avast system is disabled or not, then you can open its main window. It should be red and show you a message that ‘All antivirus shields are off’. When your issue is resolved and you want to reenable your Avast antivirus, you have to tap on the green ‘Resolved’ button. After that, this should turn green display a message on your screen and that is you are protected.

With this method, you can surely turn off your Avast antivirus, but if you not, then don’t need to be panic, as we have provided another effective method for you. Check Out:


Temporary Disable The Avast Antivirus ( Specific Shields)

Temporary Disable The Avast AntivirusBesides, turning off Avast antivirus for all shields, you can also disable the Avast software for some specific shields. For doing this look at the below part:


Step 1

If you want to apply this method, then, at first, you have to go to the main page of the Avast and after that, you need to click on the ‘Protection’ options and within the ‘Protection’ options you should click on the ‘Core Shields’ button. Or alternatively, you can go to the ‘Settings’ options that may locate on the top bottom left corner on the main Avast interface page. After that, click on the ‘Components’ buttons. Now, you can see a lot of Avast shields options is there such as Behavior shield, Mail shield, Web shields and so on.  From those options, you need to find that one which you want to disable. After that, like what we mentioned in the previous methods, you need to disable that particular shields for 10 minutes, 1hours, permanent, or until the computer restarted. Just select the time period that you want and after that, click on it.

Step 2

If the Shield is successfully turned off, then you can see the switches changes to ‘Off’ as well as the main Avast page should be yellow with the message ‘ File Shield is now off’’.  To again turn it on, you should tap on the green ‘Turn On’ button. And, then it should turn on by showing you a message that ‘you are protected’ like the previous one.

Uninstall The Avast Antivirus Completly

Uninstall The Avast Antivirus CompletlyYou have already applied the above two methods but none of them bring sufficient result for you, then it is always a good option that you should completely uninstall the Avast security software and when your issue is solved, then you can again install it on your system.
To uninstall this, at first, select the Avast antivirus and right click on that. There you find ‘Uninstall’ or ‘ Delete’ options, click on that. Once you have assured that your uninstall process is completed, then again you can install the Avast antivirus on your system.

Final Words

We believe that you will get a complete idea if you’re seeking for “How To Disable Avast  Mac?” and the above steps are sufficient to disable the Avast on your Mac Operating System. Finally, we recommended you to read the above steps carefully and check which one is best for your Mac Operating System.