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How To Delete Previous Windows Version Of Windows: Learn Simple Techniques

When you update the Windows OS, an older folder is stored in your system. This folder contains all the essential files and data from the previous version that can come in handy at the time restore. Although the Windows.old folder has its own merits, it takes a lot of space in the system. If you upgrade your Windows frequently then there will be more accumulation of the previous version files, and it can further decrease the speed of the PC. Hence, it is better to remove the Windows.old folder from your PC for better. So, let’s see how to delete the previous version of Windows.

Simple Ways to Remove Windows.old Folder

Windows.old folders are essential files if you want to revert to the earlier version. But in the current version, it is only a temporary file which takes a huge amount of space in your system. If you delete, it will not create any problem for your system. However before starting the deleting process make sure you check all the files. Although deleting the Windows.old folder is not that simple and it requires proper knowledge and technique to remove the files. Many users attempted to delete the folder through File explorer but got an error. Thus, if you want to know how to delete the previous version of Windows then implement these solutions from the given list.

Use Storage Sense Feature To Remove The Previous Version Of Windows


Users can delete the Windows.old folder with the help of Storage Sense. The function of the Storage sense is to manage the storage space of your computer. With the help of this tool, users can delete any temporary files manually. To use this application, first, tap Start from the desktop. After that, go to Settings tab and navigate the Storage sense option. In the Storage Sense window, click the System icon. Next, after tapping the System, choose storage tab present below the Storage Sense. There you will notice a tab named how we free up space.

After that, the user will view some boxes that are unmarked including Delete the previous version. Tick this box to delete the prior version of windows and apps. And then, select the option Clean now.


Take Assistance Of Disk Cleanup Tool


You can delete Windows.old folder with the help of the Disk Cleanup Tool as well. This tool was present in earlier version and users can find this application Windows 10 as well. Hence if you don’t know how to delete Windows.old Windows 10, then write cleanup in the search bar. Then, select the icon from the resultant list. You can also open this tool by choosing the Local disk and tap Properties. After opening the Disk Cleanup tool, users can view the list of files some are highlighted, and others are not. Next, locate the Temporary Windows Installation Files and highlight it. If you want to clear other files then mark them as well. After selecting the files for deletion, the tool will display the amount of space it can clear. Then, tap Clean up system files, and it will remove the marked files from the PC.

Eradicate The Windows.old File Via Boot Menu


If you still cannotremove the previous version Windows from Windows 10, then use the Boot menu to delete the file. To access the boot menu, head to the desktop and click the Start tab. After that, open Command Prompt as an Administrator. You can also open the Command prompt by typing cmd in the search bar of the start menu. Once you are inside the Command Prompt with the help of Admin, then write bcdedit and hit Enter. This command will notify the currently registered OS on your system. The Boot configuration tool is an editor tool that will help users to change the Boot Menu. It is more effective if your PC has two Operating Systems.

After opening the Boot configuration, you will notice an option which states Windows Legacy OS Loader. If you can find the entry option, then remove this option by typing code. That is ‘bcdedit/delete {ntdlr}/f’ and tap Enter from keyboard. As soon as you execute the command, it will take no time to delete the folder. Users can notice the change as soon as they restart their computer. All the unnecessary files and Windows.old folder will be gone.

Pro Tip

There is another way to delete the older Windows version from the current Windows Operating System. This hack is quite simple and mostly used by experts, so give it a try. To remove the previous version of Windows head straight to the Start tab. Then, select the Settings option from the menu and choose Systems. After that, you need to find the Storage option and open This PC window. Next after entering the This PC tab, search for the Temporary files options. Now,  select all the older version of Windows below Remove temporary files. Tick all the boxes and then tap Remove files. Hence, in this way you can easily delete the Windows.old folder from Windows 10 without any hassle.


Hence these are some practical ways to delete the Windows.old folder from your PC. If you have any problem regarding the process, then go through the steps again. Since these techniques are accurate and it will definitely eradicate the earlier version from the PC.