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Learn How To Delete Kik Account With A Click

The Kik is a programming application which helps you to chat with your buddy without any interruption. But at the same time, it occupies significant space on your device. This service supports both in the SmartPhone and other gadgets. There are many applications available in the market which performs well with a minimum memory. So, you may consider to delete Kik account. If so, then this article will be very helpful for you to learn the complete process of how to delete Kik account.

Removing a Kik account is not a difficult task, provided the process is familiar to you. However, if you want to delete Kik account for the first time then here you will get the complete guidelines. So, let us not waste time, and check the process of how to delete Kik account.

How To Delete Kik Account Effortlessly?

Most of the users like to access their Kik account using a computer, to read the messages in a bigger screen. But after a certain period, if you get bored of using it, then we have given the detailed process you are looking for to delete your KiK account. So, to learn the process of how to delete Kik account on a computer, go through the steps below.

There are the two different options available for deactivating the Kik account which are as follows.

  • Temporary Deactivation
  • Permanent Deactivation

If you go ahead and deactivate the Kik account on a temporary basis, you will not be bothered by any Kik messages. Moreover, your Kik contacts will no longer be there in the contact list of the people you have talked to. But after doing this process, if you change your mind to get back into the Kik account, you will be permited to do so as well.

By permanently deactivating the Kik account you will not be able to get back into the same Kik account. So, before learning how to delete Kik account, device your choice. You will get both the procedures in this below sections of this article.

First Step: Verify Your Email Address

For doing this, open your Kik messenger app. After that sign in on your account, if you are not already logged in. Then go to the gear symbol icon, which is placed at the top of this page. Next, click on the “Your Account” option and make a note of your username which is very important for performing the deactivation task. You must have access to the email address, which you are noting down. But, if you have no access with the account then you need to alter the email address with a workable one. For doing this, tap on the Email and change it. After changing the email address click on Save.

Further, open the email address which you have recently connected with your Kik application. Then tap on “Confirm” to the message window sending from Kik account.

How To Delete Kik Temporarily?

After checking the first step, now you can proceed with this temporary deactivation process. The first step to do this is to turn on a browser on your computer.

After opening the browser, ensure that the internet connection is working properly. A good internet connection is the foremost need to start this temporary deactivation process. Now, as soon as you find that the internet connection is working properly, go for this below explaining steps.

  1. Navigate to the Kik deactivation page using your browser address bar.
  2. Here, on this Kik deactivation page enter the email address which is connected with your Kik account. After that, tap on the “Go!” green box. By clicking on the “Go!” box, this will send a message on your Kik associated email address.
  3. Now, open your email account to complete the Kik temporary deactivation process. As you are on your email account, you will see a message was sent to you from Kik. Open the message with a single click on it and hit on “Deactivate”, to confirm the deactivation process.
  4. Next, the Kik will run a survey, to know why you want it to deactivate. This is an optional task, you can skip it.

All these are the steps to follow regarding how to delete Kik account temporarily. Remember, that on doing this process, you can be able to get your Kik account back by reusing the email address on the Kick official site.

How To Delete Kik Permanently?

If you really don’t want to use the Kik application again, then you can go with this process. If you opt for a permanent deletion of the Kik account you will not be shown on the contact lists of the people you have talked to as well as you will no longer be able to access the account again.

For deleting the Kik account permanently you need to use both the username and the email address associated with your account. The process for getting those details is already discussed in the above section of this article in the “First Step: Verify Your Email Address” section. After, noting down the required details, following this said section, proceed with the steps below.

  1. To start this process, open a browser and navigate to the delete Kik account link.
  2. After that, on this opening page, fill up all the fields.

Let us know why you’re leaving Kik
In the Email section you need to enter the working address only, which is set with your Kik account.

  1. After filling up all the required field with the proper details, activate the checkbox which is beside this “ “ message.

“understand that I’m permanently deactivating my account and I won’t be able to login again to reactivate it.”

  1. After doing all the above-said steps of this section, click on the green box contained Go!. On pressing the Go! Button, you will get a message in your email account.
  2. Now, check the email address which is connected with your Kik account. You will get a message from Kik on it.
  3. Open the Kik message from your email address and tap on the “Permanently Deactivate” box from this message content. This is the overall process of how to delete Kik account from your system permanently.

Last Words

Follow the above methods to delete Kik account, but make sure whether you want to delete the Kik account temporarily or permanently. Once you delete it permanently, you will not be able to access your Kik account again. Though if you deactivate the Kik account temporarily then you can restore it back again.