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Smart Hacks To Delete All Photos From iPhone | Trusted Solutions

Are you struggling with deleting your pictures from iPhone device storage? Then you are absolutely at the right space as we have the easy ways to make yo get rid of all the files that are just an add-on on your device. You can also consider deleting the excess pictures from your iPhone device after you have taken a back up of all of it in your PC. Thus, to keep all the pictures intact in your device is sure of no use and you should make some effort to delete all photos from iPhone. This will not only save memory but will also boost up the functioning of your device to a great extent.

In case your unwanted files are eating up all the space of your device, here is an easy way to select multiple pictures at once and getting rid of them with few simple steps.

How To Erase All Photos From iPhone?

To do this easily, go to the pictures and you will find a number of pictures stored over there. However, you will see that it does not allow to select more than one picture at a time. That means it requires one to select the desired pictures all one by one. Thus, it is quite a time-consuming to select the pictures and later delete it. Also, you will notice that it lacks the ‘Select all option’ as iPhone does not support this feature.

Here, you can try to connect your device to the Windows 10 PC and then try to delete the files you wish to erase out from your phone memory. For this, you will need to import the pictures and select them to delete. However, this method may also not work for some users. In that case, you will be in need for an easy way to select multiple pictures all at a time. To do this easily, you will have to click on the Select option. After that just press and hold on to the selected picture and keeping scrolling over to the other media files as well that are present in the gallery.

You will see that it has selected all the other pictures randomly.

Thus, delete all photos from iPhone without clicking all the pictures individually. There is a specific method to do this. The right way is to scroll the pictures starting from the right an then run down horizontally over to the other pictures. You will have to keep scrolling up till the top and it will help you to select all the files to delete the files easily.

Alternate Method

In this step, you will again have to go to the camera roll and there you will see other albums. You can delete other albums pretty fast just by clicking on the Edit option that is present on the top right of the device screen. In the other album section, you will have to tap on the red part on the left side. This will make you get rid of it quickly. However, in case, the camera roll on your device does not have that option, you will have to go to the photos section.

In the below section, you will find the photos option and tap on the major folder present there. After you select on the folder name, it will automatically select all the files present in the folder. Thus, you can click on the Delete option and it will allow you to delete the selected files in no time.


If you are putting up your phone for sale, it is suggested to wipe out all the internal memory out of the phone. You can do this simply by connecting your iPhone to iTunes and then you can easily restore it back. This will allow you to restore everything from the phone. Thus, you can also utilize the factory settings option to eradicate all the valuable information that is present in your system.

However, before doing that, make sure to backup your device that will allow you to load up all the information back into your new phone. If you want to do it without connecting it to your computer, you can make use of the general settings option. This will let you access the reset option that will help you to erase all photos from iPhone.

If you wish to delete all photos from iPhone, you will have to go through the above steps which are quite helpful in selecting bulk pictures at once and delete them easily. This will surely help you save a lot of time and effort. Thus, see if this works well to render positive results. Are you able to delete all your pictures from your camera roll? Write down in the comment section below and let us know.