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Know How To Create A Group In Yahoo Mail Within Minutes

In this fast-pacing world of digitalization, virtual and digital platforms have emerged as important platforms of communication. Of all digital platforms, emails are one such platform which is very convenient to use. In this regard, Yahoo accounts for one of the topmost email clients in recent time.

Unlike other email clients, Yahoo offers jaw-dropping offers to its customers accentuating its customer base ten times over. The latest addition to the list of offers is the free email service providers. Such an offer is undoubtedly enough to take over the nation to a storm.

With Yahoo, you are blessed with additional add-ons, such as the utility of creating Contact Group Lists. This enables you the facility to send emails across a group of people at a time.

However, all of this can happen only when you thoroughly know the procedure to create a group. However, in case you are not,  fear not, in this article we shall discuss how to create a group in Yahoo mail.

Therefore, shed away your doubts and continue reading our article thoroughly, in order to acquire a detailed insight into the process.

Why Do You Need to Create a Group in Yahoo mail?

In case, you wish to send a particular email across a group of people. Now, emailing each of them individually is indeed a difficult and hectic task. Besides, it is a way too time-consuming.

Furthermore, the process is also a little risky. This is because, while sending a mail across a large group of people one at a time, you can also run into any technical glitch. Besides, the risk of manual operation cannot be averted.

With Yahoo, you can be carefree of all such problems. Creating a group on your Yahoo mail will sort all your problems at once. This is because when you create a group, you will no longer have to mail multiple times.

Instead, you can send one mail to multiple people in one shot. Thus, it is a grabbing facility and through this article, you will get to know how to create a group in Yahoo mail most easily.

How to Create a Group in Yahoo Mail in Minutes: A Step-By-Step Guide

Under this section, we are going to impart to you the easiest and most effective guidelines to know how to create a group in Yahoo Mail. So, in case, you were so long searching for a top-notch as well as easy-going strategies to do the same, then here you are. All you must do is follow undermentioned instructions thoroughly.

Step 1

Right at the beginning, you need to initialize your web browser. After that, you must log into your Yahoo Mail account, as it pops up.

Step 2

Once you are logged into your Yahoo mailing account, you must press on the Contacts Tab. You are going to find it right on top of the Navigation bar. As soon as you do this, your whole contact list is going to pop up on the screen. As it pops you shall find a checkbox in front of your record.

Step 3

Once you find the checkbox, you need to examine your checkbox located in front of the individual contacts thoroughly. The checking is necessary for you to add to the new group.

Step 4 :

On completion of the above step, all you need to do is press on the link entitled  “Add a Category”. You are going to find this link on the upper part of the Navigation bar right above the Address Book.

Step 5

Once you have located the link and clicked on it, you will have to ascribe a new name for your group and write the name of the group in the specified area. As soon as you feed in the name of the group, press on the OK  button.

The moment you click on the OK button, the name of the Group will pop up in the left-hand side of the Navigation Panel. In case, you need to edit the Group name, you can directly press on the Group Name that you will find on the left-hand side corner of the Navigation Panel.

Step 6:

After you finish executing the step mentioned above, all you need to do is press on the “Compose” icon in order to create a new email message.

Step 7

As soon as you do this, you must press on the “To” button.  The moment you press on the button, you will find your list of contacts popping up. Also, Group Categories will pop up. These look like tiny blue links right on the top.

Step 8

After this, all you must do is press on the link that corresponds to your Group Name. As soon as you click on the link, the new group that you just created will appear.

Step 9

As soon as your group name pops up, all you need to do is compose your own message and press on the Send option. As soon as you click on it, your mail is going to be sent across your new group all at once. That is it, you are done with the group creation on your Yahoo mailing account.

Additional Notes for you to Consider:

With the steps cited above, you should be able to create a new group on your Yahoo Mail. However, in order to send your emails to your group all at once, you need to add members to your Yahoo email list. In order to add members to your contact groups, the steps you must follow are cited as under.

  1. First, you need to press on All Contact, located right at the top of your Yahoo mailing account.
  2. After that, you will have to locate the first contact which you will want to add to Work.
  3. On following this, you will have to press on the Folder name. The moment you click on it, a new window is going to pop up.
  4. Once done you must press on the icon entitled “Assign to Lists”. The moment you press on it, a drop-down menu is going to pop up.
  5. Thereafter, select the box which is entitled as “Work”
  6. After that, you need to search out for the next contact which you wish to add and press on it.
  7. Once you have executed the above step, you need to repeat the steps from 3 to 6 and repeat the same for every contact for “Work” List.
  8. After the execution of all the above process, you need to revert back to theWork title and press on it in order to ensure that you have added all your contacts appropriately.

Parting Words

Are you still wondering how to create a group in Yahoo mail? You don’t need to go around looking for solutions anymore. In this article, we have provided you all that you need to know. With the steps we offered, creating a group in Yahoo mail should be nothing more than a child’s play for you. So shed your worries off and try out the solutions right and check out the results for yourself.