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Convert WEBP To JPG : A Quick Conversion Guide

Various image formats are available to users in this digital era. One of the most popular and easy-to-use image formats is JPG or JPEG. Whenever you want to download your favorite images from the Internet, it might be in JPG or any other formats. In case the image is in WEBP format, then it might not be supported on your computer or any other mobile device. 

Here, we will discuss all the possible methods to convert WEBP to JPG format. So, go through and follow the instructions that are given below. 

How to Convert WEBP to JPG?

The steps to convert from WEBP to JPG image format are as follows. Before applying them, you have to download your desired image file in WEBP format. We will also discuss some other online conversion tools, which will convert your favorite images into a more visible format. 

Use Convertio Conversion Tool

Convertio is one of the best online tools to convert your image from WEBP to JPG. The steps to convert your image file are as follows. 

  • Open your web browser and type “Convertio WEBP to JPG” in the address bar. Then press the Enter key. 
  • A list of links will appear that are directly related to the “Convertio” webpage. We recommend you to open the first link by clicking it. 
  • The web page will open with a red box with “Choose Files” written on it. Underneath the red bar, you can see the conversion format that will display from  WEBP to JPG.
  • If it is not selected automatically, click on the first drop-down box to select WEBP and the second one to select JPG.
  • Now, click on the red box and choose your desired image file. After uploading the file, you can see the image name. On the top-left side of this image name, a green “READY” icon will be present. 
  • If necessary, select the drop-down box present on the top-right side and choose the JPG format.

Next, click on the “Convert” icon below and wait until the conversion is complete. After that, click on the “Download” option to download the JPG image file.

If you want to add more files and convert them again, there is an option just on the top of the “Convert” icon. Moreover, the JPG image file will be downloaded in your default Downloads folder. 

Convert Using a Different Browser

As Internet Explorer and Safari don’t support WEBP image format, try this trick. You need to copy the link of the image file from your default web browser and paste it in another one. After hitting Enter, the image file will appear on the screen. 

Right-click on it and select “Save picture as”. Set the destination path for the image and select “JPEG (*.jpg)” in the “Save as type” option. Now click on the “Save” button to obtain the file. 

Convert with Microsoft Paint

When you are using the Windows 10 Operating System, the WEBP images will be downloaded on your computer. However, it will initiate as the icon of your default web browser. To view the image file instantly, you need to convert the WEBP file to JPG. Now follow the steps to convert it.

  • Right-click on the downloaded file and open it with Paint. After the application opens, click on the “File” option that is present on the top left corner. 
  • Click on “Save as” and the file format options will be available for further selection. Click on the “JPEG picture” option and select the destination path. 
  • Now click on the “OK” button to save the file. 

Thereafter, you can access your image file in the JPG or JPEG format. 

Other Online Conversion Tools

Apart from Convertio, there are many other online WEBP to JPG conversion tools. The uploading, converting, and downloading process in these online conversion sites are more or less the same. Hence, some of the online image file conversion websites are as follows.

  • Cloud Convert– A freeware website tool for converting pictures, which also convert your desired images from cloud storage.
  • XnConvert– It is an image editing as well as a conversion website tool that works great, specifically in Linux and Macintosh platforms. It also works in Windows as well. 

Most of these conversion tools allow you to perform a drag and drop file facility, with which you can convert your images.