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Know How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PC Windows 10

Nowadays Bluetooth is a universal data transmission technology which broadcast data between two devices. The file can be transferred over a specified distance. Bluetooth dont need any wires to connect with other devices. Mostly the mobile user uses the bluetooth connectivity. But the Windows 10 also supported the Bluetooth connectivity. If you don’t know how to access the bluetooth on Windows 10. Then, take a look at this article on how to connect bluetooth headphone to PC Windows 10.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphone To PC Windows 10:

To connect the Bluetooth headphone on the PC Windows 10, first, go to the settings option or you can select the Control Panel. Then get the right settings screen then connect the Bluetooth device in the PC. But there are times when you can’t find the easiest way to connect the  Bluetooth headphones in PC Windows 10.

Before connecting the bluetooth headphone at your device first, have a look on some of the basic checks of device settings. Let’s check the followings.

First, check if the Bluetooth device properly connected on the PC Windows 10 or not. If you have any bluetooth connectivity problem on your devices, then you have to fix the issue. After that, you may connect the bluetooth device.

Then, the Bluetooth headphone is charged properly to establish the connection. You also need to be sure that the headphone is connected and paired with the device as well. If it is connected with other devices then first, disconnect the device and try to connect it back.

After that, you will also have to be sure that the bluetooth device is in range or not.

How to Connect The Bluetooth On Windows 10:

To connect Bluetooth headphones on your PC Windows 10 at first, go to the settings option or select the Control Panel option. To access it with the settings option first, go to the Devices groups. Then click on the Bluetooth and other devices.

If you try to access it with the Control Panel option then select the File Explorer.

Select the settings option to access it with both of the methods. Next, select the Add Device option. After that, the Windows 10 starts to explore the device. Now you have to open the Pairing Mode in your PC. Then you have to press the Hold button and set your headphone in. Before putting the headphone in the device make sure is the device enables the pairing mode or not. Windows 10 can’t recognize the device with disabling the pairing mode.

Now, you can connect the Bluetooth headphone. You can connect the bluetooth headphone both with the settings option or with the control panel.

How To Pare Bluetooth Headphones:

On the above mention paragraph, we referred about to pair the Bluetooth headphones. Here is a description about how to pair the Bluetooth headphone. To access the pairing mode you need to press the hold button of the headphones. Now you need to follow the steps written below.

To access it in your PC first, turn on the bluetooth device and choose the pairing mode option. Then press and hold the Bluetooth option till a flashing light appears to indicate that the pairing mode is activated.

After that press the Windows key + I  from the keyboard and open the Settings options. Then, you have to drive to Devices and select the Bluetooth. Then you have to be sure if the Bluetooth is switched on or not. Now go to that device with which you want Pair the device and connect with it.

Connect Bluetooth Headphone To PC – The Shortcut Method

Click the Action Center from the notification option which is in the Taskbar. Then select the open button option. Alternatively, you can use this by pressing Windows key + A simultaneously. You can also click on the Quick Actions and press the Connect option.

After all these steps the list of enabling devices will show you on the screen. And now it could be pair with any of the enabled devices.

Now we are going to discuss how to use bluetooth on Windows 10. To access bluetooth in the PC Windows 10 go through the steps mentioned below.

How To Use Bluetooth on Windows 10:

How to connect the bluetooth device on Windows 10.

First, turn on the Bluetooth in your device. Then select the taskbar after that choose the action center option and go to the Bluetooth option.

If the Bluetooth symbol did not appear on the taskbar then select the Start button. After that go to the Settings option, therefore, select the Devices option and select the Bluetooth and other devices option after that you can turn on the Bluetooth. You must select the Connect and the device name.

In case any other instructions prompted then go through that. It will help you to connect the bluetooth as well.

Thus you can use the bluetooth on Windows 10.
Here we will discuss how to install bluetooth on Windows 10. Follow these steps.

How To Install Bluetooth on Window 10:

To install Bluetooth on Window 10, at first, put the USB port into the adapter then the device will automatically access it. Then check the taskbar to check the icon. Then the bluetooth device will be automatically started to install. After completing the installation you can access the bluetooth in your Windows 10 device. Now you should check the device manager if the installation is finished or not. After that, you will be accessing the Bluetooth device on your Windows 10 PC.

In this article, we discussed how to connect bluetooth headphone to PC Windows 10. In addition, we mentioned all the possible ways to use bluetooth on Windows 10 and as well as the installation process of bluetooth. Hope this article will help you to access bluetooth on Windows 10.