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Close Apps On iPhone X: Instant Tech Tips

Closing applications on iPhone X is not an essential factor, but some users prefer to close apps to perform an orderly multitasking view. Also, this feature is vital whenever an app ceases to function and then you may badly need to close apps on iPhone X. But, how to close apps on iPhone X is the real question. Many users have no idea how to perform this task and this leads them to disappointment.

In this article, you will learn about the tricks and tips associated with closing apps on iPhone X. But, before that you need to keep an eye on the reasons related to this specific issue. The primary and chief reasons behind users not able to close apps on iPhone X is the iPhone freezing issue. However, there are various other reasons as well. You need to go through all the analyses which will be there at the further section and know how to close apps successfully on iPhone X.

Why Can’t You Close Apps On iPhone X?

  • There can be a phone freezing issue which may not allow you to close apps on iPhone X.
  • There can be a malfunction with the app switcher which might prevent you from closing apps on iPhone X.
  • If your iOS version is not up-to-date then also sometimes it you may face query regarding how to quit apps on iPhone X .
  • There can be an issue with the application settings which may ultimately result into iPhone error, and it may lead you to frustration while using the iPhone X.

These are the fundamental causes which might prevent you from closing apps on iPhone X. There are a few other causes too but the above points are solely enough for you to comprehend the issue on an expert level. Moreover, catch a glance at the measures which you can implement to fix the problem quickly.

Ways To Close Apps On iPhone X

Here are some of the methods by which you can learn how to close apps on iPhone X. These steps will help you to understand the issue better and you will gradually be able to fix all the problems you are encountering with your iPhone X. Additionally, do not forget to get a grasp of the reasons mentioned above.

Step 1: Closing The Apps By Touch And Hold Method

Firstly, you need to tap on your iPhone X screen for a long time. After performing this operation, you will see that a red circle will appear on your screen with a negative sign. You can see the sign on the top left corner of the screen. This sign indicates the app-closing mode. To enable closing of the apps, you will have to swipe the apps so that it completely disappears or you can tap on the red circle with the negative sign to close the apps. You can perform this step to get rid of the apps accumulating on your screen.

Step 2: Update To iOS 12 To Close Apps

To successfully close apps on iPhone X you may try this step. This step generally involves updating the iOS version. Sometimes the features like directly closing apps on iPhone X may not be compatible with the operating system. Hence, in those cases, you may require to upgrade your operating system. Updating your operating system solves various issues on one go. Therefore, try this step if the last step does not work out successfully for you. Unfortunately, if this step doesn’t work, you can navigate to the next level.

Step 3: Using The App Switcher

If your iPhone contains the home button, you need to press the home button for some time to generate the app switcher. The app switcher can help in closing the apps when any steps do not work for you. You can quickly swipe all the apps which are open by using the app switcher feature in iPhone.

But, iPhone X does not contain the home button. In that case, you have to make the use of the virtual home button and close the apps. You need to swipe from the bottom side of the screen and a line will be there which is the virtual home button. Furthermore, make the use of the app switcher from the virtual home button and close all the apps.


Whenever you are unable to close apps on iPhone X, you can try the above steps which can immensely help you in solving the complicated issue. Furthermore, try to understand the causes first and then skip to the solutions. These steps will work out for you and you will be able to solve the issue successfully.