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How To Check Screen Resolution Windows 10 With Easy Hacks

To get a clear view on Windows 10 Screen, Resolution is an important factor. However, you can be able to change it according to your requirement. By using the Windows 10 display settings, you can get a better display of content as well as clarity of images. In this article, you will get the total guidelines regarding how to check screen resolution settings on Windows 10.

Brightness level, Screen Orientation,  Resolution, Color adjustments, Adapter properties and Text sizing are the different properties of Windows 10 which come under this Screen Resolution settings window.

How To Review Screen Resolution On Windows 10 OS

Here from this article, you will be able to learn the different ways to utilize Display settings as well as the procedure of how to adjust screen size Windows 10. So let us now proceed with the below instructions to learn the explaining procedures.

Change Screen Resolution On Windows 10

To do it at first press the right button of your mouse on a blank space of Windows screen. Then click on Display Settings to open the Settings window. Here you can change the Orientation of your screen if it gets disturbed due to the tapping of three consecutive wrong keys at the same time. You can modify the brightness of the screen by sliding the Brightness level line of this window. Now tap on Advanced display settings, which is at the below portion on this window. After that from this “ADVANCED DISPLAY SETTINGS” window go to the Resolution section, 1366*768 is the recommended screen Resolution, 1280*720 is also a better option to select as a Resolution.

However, if you want to visit your screen larger, then you can do it by changing the Resolution of PC. The lower is the resolution, the content displayed will be the larger one. By dropping down the arrow of resolution, you can select your choice and then hit on ‘Apply’ to make the changes.

By doing  the above procedures an Optimal Resolution Notification window will pop-ups. You can skip this notification window and accept the screen resolution changes by tapping on “Keep The Changes”. Now, wait for few seconds to keep the made changes otherwise it will revert back to the default display settings.

Calibrate To Adjust Display Color

To begin this at first, right click in a blank space of the Windows screen. Then click on Display settings and then on Advanced display settings. Under this Advanced Display settings window, hit on Resolution. After that make a click on Color calibration and later on Next.

Further, it will route you to the color settings window. You can be able to set the display color or adjust your display’s gamma or brightness and contrast or color balance from this window. After doing the changes, click on Finish to apply the changes.

Resizing The Text Size

To do it at first go to the Display settings window. After that slide the Change the size of text, apps and other items to resize. You can make the text size larger which helps you to see the text without straining your eyes.

Change Display Adapter Properties

By following the above instructions go to Advanced Display settings window. Then hit on the Display adapter properties from this window available options. After that, you can be able to modify the adapter properties.

These are ways you can try on your own by visiting this how to reset display settings Windows 10 article.