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How To Change Your Voice On Skype

Skype is mainly a voice calling application, but it also possesses some other features. There are many Skype users who do not know how to change their voice on Skype. If you have your Skype account and you don’t have any idea about the procedure of Voice changer in skype then this article will help you. Let’s know more about the details.

Easy Methods To Change Voice In Skype

You can use various kind of methods to change your voice. Here we are discussing a few methods to change your voice. Have a look-

Download Skype Voice Changer

This is the easiest way to use the voice changing application. To use the feature at first you have to install the Skype voice changer application in your PC, then open your Skype account.  In the next step, you have to accept the permission request to continue with the process. Then you will be shown an “effect panel” on your screen. Now you can select any options from the list to continue with the process.

Install Voice Changer In Morph VOX Pro:

This application has introduced us with the various kind of audio clips like the sound of a robot, the sound of a monster, etc. You can add background music to your sound while using it. The section of the voice effect is highly advanced in Morph VOX Pro.

Voice Candy for Mac Users

Only the Mac users can use the voice candy application. Here you have to choose your option from only eight options. Despite this reason, many of user don’t want to use Voice Candy application. You have to record your voice before selecting the voice effects from the application.

Garageband For Mac Users:

Garageband is a Mac supported software. It can produce voices in a very distorted and funny manner. To use this application on your device you need to download the “Soundflower” to change your voice on Skype.

The Voxal Voice Changer Application

This application is mostly used as Voice Changer for Skype by users. This application provides editing and voice modification options. You can share it with any other application which requires the microphone. This application has many exciting voices changing effects. It is an entertaining and fun making application.

AV Voice Changing Application For Window Users

This application was made to make your voice in an unrecognizable funny manner. To use this application we speak or record our voice. This application can morph the voice. To get a fast action you should click on the option “nickvoices” and plug in the microphone in your device.

ATHTec Voice Changing Application

ATH Tec voice changing is the other voice changer for skype.  It is a very entertaining application as it changes your voice in a dramatical manner. It can change your voice in any kind of voice form. This is the best voice changing application because it has lot’s of features and all those features are very exciting.  The ATH Tec voice changer can transform a girl’s voice into a boy’s voice and as same as a boy’s voice into a girl’s voice. An extra added feature is that it can send the voice emotions which is very funny to listen. This feature makes it the most adored application for many Skype users.

The Clownfish Application

It can interpret your messages when it is sent. This application has the translator system which is available in more than 50 languages and also has direct access to Google or any other search engines. It lets you record your voice and you can send it in your contacts.

Here are the different types of tools of voice changer for skype.  Hope this article can help you to solve the problem.