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How To Change User Name Windows 10 With Simple Tricks

Windows 10 is the most updated version of Operating System manufactured by Microsoft company. However, user name is the identity of the user on a computer. By following the instructions of this article you can able to learn the procedure of how to change user name Windows 10.

Procedures Of How To Change User Name Windows 10

Here we have explained three different ways by which you can change user name in Windows 10 Without wasting time let us proceed for the procedures to learn the techniques.

Way 1: Using Settings Window

At first, open the Settings window by right-clicking on the Windows icon, which is located at the left bottom corner of your Windows screen. Then click on Accounts from the left panel of this window. After that select on Manage my Microsoft account from the right panel. Then on the left, below your profile image, hit on More options.
Further, click on Edit profile. Now tap on Edit name and enter your choice. You can make your Username interesting by selecting the first four letters of your first name and the last three letters of your last name. After entering the name then click on Save box. As the process gets over, then restart your system to ensure the changes.

Way 2: Utilizing The Control Panel

To begin this at first press the Windows button from the keyboard to open the Windows search bar. On this windows search bar, type Control Panel and opt for it from the available search results. Now select on Change account type which is under the User Accounts section. And then choose on the account, which you want to modify. After that tap on Change the account name to make the change. By changing the name click on Change Name button. That’s all; this will end the how to change user name Windows 10 process.

Way 3: Using Account Manager

To initiate this at first open the Run command box by holding the Windows key and pressing the letter R at the same time. Now clear the previous comments if any, by pressing the Backspace button from keyboard. Then on the blank space of this Run box type netplwiz and then click on OK to execute this command, this will open the User Accounts window. After that highlight the Account of which you want to change the User Name. Then tap on Properties and type a Username, try to keep it short. Next, click on ‘Apply’. Next, choose on OK to the upcoming windows.

These are the ways by applying which you can be able to learn how to change User Name Windows 10.