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Learn How To Change Time On Windows 10 With Easy Hacks

Windows 10 is the most updated version of Microsoft Windows. In this article, you will get to learn the procedure of how to change time on Windows 10. Not only that you can also be able to change the time format by studying this article.


How To Change Time On Windows 10

Now by applying the below instructions of this article, you will be able to change the time on Windows 10 on your own.


Go To Time & Language Settings Window

This is the way by which you can enter the Date and time Settings window.

First of all, take the mouse cursor on Windows icon and then right click on it and choose the Settings. Now under the Settings window, you will get the Time & Language section, click on it. Then at the right panel of this window, you will get Date and Time settings portion.


Select The Time Zone

Under this screen select the Time zone by dropping down-head arrow. After that turn on Set time automatically so that it get automatic updates.


Turn Off Set Time Automatically

If you find that time is not correct even after changing the Time zone,, then you can set it manually. But for this at first, you need to turn off the set time automatically.


Set Perfect Date & Time

After that click on Change, under this Change date and time section. Further, make the correct changes and then click on Change. As it’s done, then it is recommended to keep on the Set time automatically section.


Add A Different Time Zone(Optional)

In Windows 10 a unique feature is available that you can have the permission to set two different time zones on your device. For this tap on ‘Add clocks’ for different time zone, this will float like a window. Now on this pop-up window, you can be able to set a new clock for a different time zone. Press on OK to get it done.


Changing Format Of Date And Time

You can also be able to change the format of time and date from this Time & Language settings window. For this follow the below lines.

From the Time & Language Settings window, hit on Change date and time formats. After that choose your preferred format on this CHANGE DATE AND TIME FORMATS Settings window. By doing this close the window, now you will be able to see that time and date is displayed on the screen according to your set format.

Once it is over, you can be able to use your system with correct date and time settings.


Change Time Using Windows Taskbar

You can also follow the above-explained procedures by clicking on the time and date section which is below the right corner of Windows 10 taskbar screen and hitting on Date and Time settings.

These are the steps to follow to how to change time on Windows 10. By studying this article, you will be able to perform it on your own without the help of an expert.