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How To Change Signature In Yahoo mail? Amazing Ways At Your Fingertips

Signatures are one of the standard features in an email application and you might add one to your Yahoo mail as well. While this might require a few changes to your mail settings, yet the process is not a complex one. If you had already have created a signature in your Yahoo mail account a long time back, you might want to change or modify it by now. But, how can you do so if you don’t know the exact process? Moreover, you might not get the desired signature of your choice if you miss out any step. There are a lot of ways by which you can give a new look to your email signature. Therefore, we have come up with this guide to put an end to your woes. If you are keen to learn “how to change signature in Yahoo mail?”, go through this guide in detail. It will surely benefit you in resolving your queries.

How to Change Signature in Yahoo mail? Do It Flawlessly!

In order to give your email a professional look, you can either create a new or edit an existing email signature. There are multiple ways by which you can modify your email signature. You can add your name or a piece of contact information to your existing signature. Moreover, you can insert a link directly to the website and even include some images there. However, Yahoo doesn’t allow you to insert the audio tracks, so if you are seeking for “how to change the signature in Yahoo mail?”, we will help you right away. Therefore, in order to add or edit your Yahoo email signature for the messages you send from your desktop browser, apply the steps as follows:

  1. At first, go to the Settings Menu gear icon present in the Yahoo mail and click on it. You can find it at the top right corner of the mail.
  1. Next, select on the option ‘More Settings’ which you will find from the menu that appears in front of you.
  1. Now, open the Writing Email category.
  2. Under the option Signature, ensure the email address for which you want to modify the signature is activated. Now, click on the button next to the address and toggle the same.
  3. In the next method, editor types the signature for the particular address in the text field situated beneath it.

Here, you need to include your last name followed by other important contact details. You can also mention how you handle emails especially when the senders expect a reply. Keep in mind that Yahoo mail will refuse to insert the standard signature automatically. If you wish to include it, you need to insert two dashes followed by a whitespace character on a line right at the top of the signature. Try to keep the signature restricted to 4-5 lines. Now, you can format your Yahoo mail signature if you wish to. Yahoo mail will save the changes you have made to your signature automatically.

Some FAQ’s regarding “How to Change Signature in Yahoo mail?”

While changing or modifying your email signature in Yahoo mail, you might come across certain queries. We have listed some of the common ones so that you can execute the process more efficient. Take a quick look:

Where can I view my Yahoo Mail signature?

By default, Yahoo mail will insert the signature after every email you write, whether it’s a new message, forward or a reply. You will find the signature mainly after the email’s message or prior to any quoted text.

Is it possible to modify or move the email signature while writing an email?

Yahoo mail allows you to edit the signature’s text, remove some parts or move the entire signature just like other texts in the email.

Can I use the same signature for multiple Yahoo Mail accounts?

It is important to mention here that Yahoo mail records different signature files for different mail accounts. If you wish to use the same signature with more than one account, execute the steps cited below:

Make sure to enable each one of the account’s email address under the respective ‘Signature and Writing email settings page.

Next, compose the email signature for one account only. Thereafter, copy and paste the specific signature to other accounts.

Adding Signature in your Yahoo Mail: Best Tips

If you are eager to learn “how to add signature in Yahoo mail?”, the following instructions will elaborate on the process. Go through the steps to incorporate the change in the updated version of Yahoo mail:

  1. At first, open the Yahoo mail account.
  2. Next, click on the Settings icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. From the menu, find the option ‘More Settings’ and click on it. Subsequently, in the left menu, click on the option Writing email.
  4. In this particular section, under the option ‘Signature’, try to locate the Yahoo mail account in which you want to include a signature and click on the switch situated at the right. Once you perform this action, it will open a text box underneath it.
  5. In this text box, type the email signature you want to get delivered from this account. You can select your preference from all the formatting options that are available. It includes changing the font size and the style, adding colors to a text, insert bullets, adding links etc., Do not forget to preview the appearance of your new email signature.
  6. Finally, create a sample text and enter your signature to examine whether it looks exactly the way you desired.

Hope the steps suggested above will be sufficient to satisfy your quest regarding “how to add signature in Yahoo mail?”

Ending Notes

Bored with your email signature? Want to give it a new look altogether? Then follow our guidelines in the exact manner as cited above. We assure you of guaranteed results. The tips are simple and easy to follow. If you need any further assistance or additional tips, do share your feedback with us. We will be happy to keep you updated with the latest information as always!