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How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock: A Stepwise Procedure

Activation Lock is an iPhone feature which helps to develop the safeguard for your iOS device and also for the Apple watch. If you activate this application in your iOS device, then anyone else will not allow being allowed to access your iOS device. To secure your device you must need to subscribe the Apple ID and password to reactivate your iOS device. You need to delete the content or you must need to turn off the Find My iPhone system of your iOS device. But if, someone loses their iPhone. After that, if he buys a second-hand iOS device from any of the online portals and then, he finds out that, the iOS device in enabled with Find My iPhone system then, he must need to know “how to bypass iCloud activation lock?” This guide is written to help you to access the device.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in your iOS Device

If the procedure of Bypass iCloud activation lock is unknown to you then, this guide will help you to resolve your problem. Follow the guide to do it.

Remove iCloud Lock by Jailbreaking

The iCloud might remove by jailbreaking it. The best way to escape allows you to remove some functionalities of your iOS device and it can also helps you to customize it.
There are two methods to find any iOS device with the using of iCloud Lock on. These two options are:

  • Bypass Activation Lock
  • Remove iCloud Lock

Bypass Activation Lock

If you have enabled the bypass the iCloud lock in your iPhone or iPad then, you will not be able to access only a few of the specific features of your iOS device. This will help you to access some of the special personal information of the owner of the iOS device.

Remove iCloud Lock System

But, if you paid for an iOS device with the iCloud lock on then, you should contact the seller of that device. Later, you will get the option to eliminate the Activation lock of the device. You can see the delete option for the Activation lock on the device. This will need you to wait for a few days and to waste some memory.

How To Use The Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Application

You will find some of the websites who claim that, they can unlock the Activation Lock from the iPhone, iPad or any kind of iOS device. But there are few of the websites are trustable. You can rely on iPhoneIMEI.net and Official iPhone Unlock that will help you to unlock the Activation Lock from your iOS device. These two websites get minimum time to do the job.

If you want to remove the Activation Lock from your iOS device, then you should not trust everyone. As per our recommendation, we will suggest you to use these two websites to do the task.

How to Remove Activation Unlock in an iOS Device

To do it, at first you need to visit the official site of it. Then, click on the iCloud Unlock option which you can find on the Sidebar menu. Then, you need to register your iPhone type and the IMEI number of the iPhone which you require to unlock. If you want to know the procedure then, you need to dial *#06#. Thus, you can get the IMEI number.

By any chance, if your iPhone gets locked then, you would not be able to use the dialer. At that, moment press the “i” option from your device screen this will help you to get the IMEI number. If you failed to do this then, eject the sim tray on your iPhone. Thus, you can get the printed IMEI number on the sim tray. After that, you can perform payment with the using of this device and you must wait for 1-3 days to remove the iCloud account unlocked.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone using iPhoneIMEI.net

iPhoneIMEI.net is the reliable aid to unlock iCloud activation lock. To do it follow the steps written below:
Select the model name of your iOS device which holds the IMEI number. There are three ways to get your IMEI code.

  1. Dial *#06#  to get your IMEI code
  2. If you are a user of iPhone 5 or any newer model, then the IMEI number is printed on the back of your iOS device.
  3. If your tool is deactivated then, you will notice the “i” button on the screen of your iOS device. You need to click on it. To detect the IMEI code.

Then, click on the model number of your iOS device, and go to the iPhoneIMEI.net and pick the iPhone model Next, click on the Unlock now! Button. You can contribute the payment by using both Visa or Mastercard. But, you have to be sure to enter the email address to continue up-to-date procedure to unlock. After that, go to the “Buy now!” option and offer your details of the amount.

Then, you have to wait for 1-3 days to complete the procedure.

Bypass iCloud Activation Without Lock Removal Tool

You can use the Bypass iCloud activation tool to eliminate the iCloud activation lock. If you want to proceed with the method then, follow the steps written below:

  • At first, reboot your iPhone device
  • In the next step, set up the process and choose your country and language
  • Then, click on the “i” button which you can find on the “Choose a Wi-Fi Network” option. And choose any of the provider networks
  • After that, scroll down to the “DNS” option and then type the following:

USA/North America:154.51.7
In the rest of the world:109.17.60

  • After, typing all the commands click on the Back option. Which you can find it on the left-hand corner of your device screen then, go back to the Wifi page.

After, performing all the above-mentioned method your iOS device might attempt to active by proceeding to a new screen. But, remember one thing don’t let it to do that. After that, click on the Back option which is located on the top of the right of your screen. Then, go back Wi-Fi page.

Now, you will find “iCloudDNSBypass.net” on the top of your screen. Then, scroll down to click the Menu option which will help you to access applications and many other features. After that, choose the application which you want to select. As an example, we can assume you to open Facetime find out the email address which helps you to search the information of the user.

Review the Activation Lock before purchasing iPhone from someone else

According to the survey report, it could be said that 50% of iOS devices are authorized with the Activation Lock on. But, in rare cases, the seller did not remove the iCloud lock intentionally. They do this to gain more money later. So, you must be aware of being trapped by the fraud. So, regularly monitor if the device is locked or not before purchasing it.

While buying any iOS device you must need to go to an authorized Apple reseller. And it is a necessary action to secure that, the device is deleted also it is not linked with the prime owner account.

How to Reset your iOS Device

If you want to reset your iOS device then, you should try these steps:

  • First, turn on the iOS device.
  • If any password or any home screen appears then, it needs to be erased
  • Go to the Settings options
  • Then, click General
  • After that, select the Reset option
  • Next, click to Erase All Content Settings

If you are asked for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password then, this means the iOS device is still associated with the former account. If the previous buyer is near in front of you then, demand them to remove the device from their account by signing in to icloud.com. While proceeding with it go to the Set up your iPhone/iPad option to turn it on. And disabled Activation Lock is on.

Hope this article will help you to answer your question how to bypass iCloud activation Lock. Our instruction should be kept in your mind icloud activation lock.