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Learn How To Burn A DVD On Windows 10 With Instant Hacks

Many users are aware of the term burn a CD. But most of them don’t know the significance of this term.  To burn a DVD or CD means to write or copy information onto a CD drives. There are multiple DVD or CD drives that have the feature to copy data or files on a CD. These drives use laser to feed the relevant information in a compact Disk. Hence in this way users can burn a CD to store some files or data. Follow this guide to know how to burn a DVD on Windows 10.

In this article, we will discuss how to burn a DVD on Windows 10. As most of the users know the steps to burn a CD. But Windows users find it challenging to write a DVD. If you are also unaware of how to use Windows DVD burning feature, then read this page to resolve your query.

Solutions For Burning DVD On Windows 10(H2)

There are several built-in DVD burning application that helps to write documents, photos and different media files. If you don’t know the application, then take a look at the list as given below. These applications are useful and users can quickly burn DVD without any problem. So let’s see how to burn DVD without taking the assistance of third-party application.

Use Windows 10 default DVD Burning App(H3)

Use Windows 10 default DVD Burning App(H3)You will be quite ecstatic to know that Windows 10 has a built-in application to burn DVD. By using this app, users can burn different types of files. Like MP3, WMA, and WAV, etc. You can also burn video and document files by using the default feature. If you want to write DVD through the built-in app then DVD will only run on PC. You should also know that CD files only play on computers and the CD players. Else you need to write MP3 files to an audio CD with the help of Media Player.

To burn an MP3, users need to create a folder first on their PC. Then send the MP3 files into these folders before starting ‘burn ‘ process. Use compact disk or DVD to burn the MP3. Now keep all the data in a single folder. Hence to burn the DVD first place an empty DVD into the burner drive of your system. Then click File Explorer and navigate to the location where you kept the folder. After that choose the entire folder or files and transfer it to DVD burner drive. Next, you will get a small window for burning a disc.

After that give a name to your disc. Then choose With DVD/CD player and the files will get copied to the DVD of your PC. When the process is complete the DVD burner drive will open in fresh tab. If the driver burner for Windows 10 is not opening in a new window, then go to File Explorer. In the File Explorer choose the drive option. Now after transferring the files to your CD or DVD choose the Drive tools and then tap Finish burning option.

Use Windows Media Player For Burning DVD(H3)

Use Windows Media Player For Burning DVD(H3)Windows Media Player is a software that plays video and music. You can also use this app for watching photos. If you are unaware of burning MP3 WMA and Audio clip, then use this method. Before initiating the process, users should know that not all DVD players can support rewritable disc. Hence users need to use CD in place of CD-R. Thus enter a blank DVD into the drive of your system. Next, select the Windows media player through the Start tab. You can also locate media player by typing wmp into the search window and then choose the application. Next tap on Burn option present at the top right corner. After clicking the Burn tab select the following icon from the given list.

Users those who want to burn video files can opt for Data CD or DVD option. If you choose this tab then you can write MP4, MP3, AVI files or pictures. But these discs can only run on PC which is compatible with the image file or audio files. Else you can select the Audio CD tab for burning WMA or WAV or MP3 that can support any DVD player or car stereo.

After choosing the preferences, go to the File Explorer and then head to the folder where you have stored the important files. Then copy all the songs, photos and videos from File Explorer to Windows Media Player. Make sure that files you burn do not exceed the space of your DVD. Next select Start Burn placed above the Burn list.

Conclusion (H2)

Hence these are some few proven techniques that you can use at a time burning CD or DVD. Even though burning DVD or CD is a time-consuming process, users can get impatient if they are not aware of proper steps. So go through this article thoroughly and learn how to burn audio CD in Windows 10.