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How To Bridge A Router With Amazing Hacks

Setting up a Linksys router to a bridge mode is useful in case you wish to draw the connection of two routers to one common network. You may also try the bridge mode if you wish to use your router as an additional access point on an existing network. Therefore in simple words bridge mode enables you to strengthen the wireless network and expand the radius.

However, if you are not that tech savvy, then you may not be that familiar with how to bridge a router. Well, if you are facing a similar problem, welcome aboard, your search is over now. In this article, we shall offer you all your answers, stay glued with this article.

Why Use Linksys Bridge Mode?

One of the pertinent questions that may strike you is why should you set your Linksys router to bridge mode. Well, apart from strengthening the network and serving as an additional point of access, it also helps you to draw the connection of your router to a modem or router from your ISP or Internet Service Provider.

Please note that once you set the Linksys route to the bridge mode, it will deactivate its router capacities switching it an extra point of access.

How To Bridge A  Linksys Router?Things To Remember:

Considering its multiple uses, we intend to provide you with the guidelines to set your Linksys router to bridge mode. However, before we move on, let us know about some essential aspects that you must keep in mind. Below we cite the important aspect that you must remember before you configure Linksys to bridge mode. Before setting your Linksys, ensure that you have the following.

1. Main Router
2. Active data connection.
3. Ethernet cables [2]
4.Linksys Smart Router with a capacity to support bridge mode.

Easy Hacks To Set Linksys Router In Bridge Mode

In case you are not thorough with the technological know- how to set your Linksys bridge mode, need not fear. We are here to help you. The process is quite simple. Simply follow the steps mentioned below.:

Step 1:

connection of the Ethernet cableDraw the connection of the Ethernet cable of your PC to any port of your router having the capacity to support the bridge mode.  Please note that you cannot anything with the internet when you are through with the process. Also, note that you can not establish a wireless connection between both the routers at this setup.

Step 2

plug the electrical outletOnce you have followed the first step, you need to plug the electrical outlet with one side of the power adapter. The other side of the adapter should be connected with the Linksys router.

Step 3:

Linksys router addressFollowing the above step, you need to access the web browser and insert the IP address. Once you are done, tap on ‘Enter’. Please note that is the default Linksys router address.

Step 4:

router sign in detailsThe moment you do this, they will ask you for your username as well as password. After that, you have to put in the router sign in details in the concerned field and tap on OK.

Step 5 :

Following this, warning windows will get displayed. Once you see the Windows, you need to check the “Do not show me this again” box and then press on the OK button.

Step 6:

web setup pageIn completion of the steps mentioned above, the system will direct you to the ‘web setup page’ of the router. Then, set your data connection type to the ‘Bridge Mode’. You can do this from the Internet Set UP Tab. Once you do this, you shall be able to secure IPV4 address. On securing an address, tap on the OK button.

Step 7:

disconnect the ethernet cablesIn completion of the above step, you need to is disconnect the ethernet cables between your PC, Linksys router and the other routers. After this, you need to set the Linksys router to a location of your choice. You won’t require the Linksys router any longer as the routers will connect automatically to the bridge mode.

Parting Words

So, what is holding you back? Switch your Linksys router to the bridge mode now. In case you are a little jittery about the process, you may try out the steps. Switching Linksys to bridge mode is not a big deal if you follow our guidelines. Therefore, do not delay further. Strengthen your network by switching your router to bridge mode at the earliest. Did you ask how? Well, then these are steps are for you. Confide on us. It will surely work.