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How To Block Websites On Chrome: Step-By-Step Guidance

Google designed a freeware web browser, Chrome that can render you with the experience of a comfortable and secure browsing facility. It serves as a platform for running web pages. You need to update your Google Chrome regularly to experience glitch-free browsing experience. Several reasons can lead to the blocking of certain websites on your device, ensure those disturbances are not hindering your productivity. Read this article to learn the most effective steps on how to block websites on Chrome.

Necessity For Blockings Sites On Chrome

There can be more than one reason that can compel you to block a specific website. Follow a few causes that can be the root cause behind such an initiation.

  • Often, some malicious websites can spread viruses or malware to prevent automatic loading of such sites, block them immediately.
  • Specific sites contain explicit content or may even try to steal or damage your data.
  • Companies need to apply this process in order to manage their brand image.
  • Phishing tools often get installed in your system, unknowingly to prevent loss of critical data and productivity, you need to block sites.
  • Furthermore, to secure your internet access, you need to block the entrance to a particular site.

While you may be adequately proficient of avoiding these websites, but that does not ensure your safety on the internet. Moreover, this stands true for each and everyone who manages your device. In such a situation, it the best option is to know the process in detail.

How To Block Sites On Chrome?

Whatever be the case, blocking a website on Chrome any device, be it desktop or mobile is a secure and manageable process. It may seem a little tricky, but you can follow the step by step measures easily and block the probable websites without utilizing any third-party software.

Fix 1: Know How To Block Websites On Chrome Desktop

If you are accessing the internet through Chrome Browser on your desktop then you need to follow the below-listed points:

  • To start with th process, you need to go to the Block Site extension, first. Then locate ‘Add to Chrome’ option and click on it. When the pop-up box surfaces, click on ‘Add extension’ option.
  • At the top right part of your Chrome screen, you will see an icon, like an orange shield amidst a circle and an oblique line passing through the center. Directly go to a website by entering the URL in the site information tab. Notice, in the top right side, the orange shield icon. Then, choose the option ‘Block this site,’ click on it.
  • Verify if you were able to block it successfully. Try to go to the website, that you blocked recently. If you are able to view the page then proceed with the same steps again.

Fix 2: Apprehend How To Block Websites On Chrome Mobile

If you occasionally surf the web through Chrome on your Android device, then you might need to block certain websites. This will guarantee to increase productivity. Here are easy steps, that you can follow to prevent sites on your Android Chrome browser:

  • To proceed with, you need to go to the Google Play Store. There search for the  BlockSite app and Install it securely. Wait and do not disrupt the installation process. Then go to the BlockSite application and tap on it.
  • Now, you have to permit the application to allow it to block the website. Go to the ‘Enable’ option and click on it. Then, to go to the Accessibility settings, click on the ‘Got it’ button.
  • After that choose the ‘BlockSite’ button and tap on it. A new screen appears, there you are asked to turn the switch from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON.’ A pop-up window will appear, where you need to click ‘OK’ option. In the bottom side, hit the ‘+’  key.
  • Lastly, all you need to do is go to those particular websites you want to block and tick the check-box in the top right corner of the screen. Test whether the process was achieved successfully.

Now you are entirely set to block any distracting websites affecting your Chrome browser.


Using any of the steps suited best for your device and your preference, you can now easily block a website on Chrome. Otherwise, you can also choose tools that can help you to solve your trouble. Additionally, you will have considerable control over all sites so that you can authorize webpages on your browser. Furthermore, you must get rid of unhelpful habits and avoid getting trapped in web pages associated with malware activity.

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