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How To Backup Windows 10 OS With Easy Tricks

Windows 10 is the most updated version of Operating System developed by the Microsoft. However, before waiting for an issue with Windows 10 OS, it is better to keep a backup for it. In this context, you will be able to learn the total guidelines of creating and utilizing the Backup of Windows 10 OS. Hence, stay tuned with this article to learn how to backup Windows 10 OS effectively.

How To Create Backup Windows 10 OS:Quick Solutions

From this section of this article, you can learn the procedure of how to Backup your OS Windows 10.

Open Control Panel

First of all, go to the Windows search bar and then type Control Panel. Now from the search opening window click on the topmost result to open the Control Panel window.

Click On Backup And Restore (Windows 7)

Then change ‘View By’ to Category by dropping down the menu arrow. After that click on Backup and Restore (Windows 7) from the right-hand panel of this window. Then go to the left panel of this opening window and select on Create a system image option.

Choose A Device To Store Backup

Now this will open Create a system image window, which will ask you “Where do you want to save the backup?”. Under this section click on the checkbox of a hard disk. Now by dropping down the menu select the hard drive where you want to save the backup Windows 10 OS. In the section below another option is present.If you also want to save the backup to an external DVD then also fill this on one or more DVDs checkbox by selecting it.

After that choose your DVD device where you want to save this Windows 10 backup. Once you select, hit on the ‘Next’ which is present in the left corner of this window. Then click on Start backup button. From this Confirm your backup section of Create a system image screen.
As you complete this above-mentioned steps, the wizard will start to confirm a full backup of your system, which includes main drive content and system reserved partition.

Create A System Repair Disk

Once the backup is complete, a window will appear to create a system repair disk. This will help to complete the recovery process when your computer stops to boot.

Detach The External Storage Device

As the Windows 10 Backup gets loaded, you can keep separating the external device from your system in a safe place so that when you need to repair your Windows 10 OS you can use it.

After the backup Windows 10 is ready, you cannot use it, if there is an issue with Windows 10 OS. Now let us proceed with these steps.

Process For How To Backup Windows 10 OS

Follow the below lines to learn the method of utilizing this Windows 10 Backup memory device.

Insert The Memory Device

To initiate this process at first insert the external device to your system. The external device may include a Windows 10 DVD or USB drive.

Press Esc While System Rebooting

After that restart, your system, during this process press the Esc button from your keyboard. By doing this, the Windows Setup page will open and you need to tap on ‘Next’. Again hit on “Repair your computer” option, which is present at the bottom-left corner of this open window. From the available options select ‘Troubleshoot’.

Click On System Image Recovery

Further, from the Advanced options screen click on System Image Recovery and select on target OS (in this case, it is Windows 10). By doing this the “Re-image your computer” window gets visualized. On this select on the checkbox of Use the latest available system image. After doing this click on ‘Next’.

Click On Format And Repartition Disc

If you want to restore a total backup of Windows 10, then click on Format and repartition disks. On this Re-image your computer window. Then hit on the ‘Next’ button.
Remember that this process will make your system free from existing partitions and disks on your computer.

End The Process By Hitting On Yes

Then click on ‘Finish’ and next on ‘Yes’ to ensure the backup to replace data on the drive.
As all these above explaining steps are applied, now it will automatically complete the remaining process. But this a time-consuming process, so wait until it gets over. As the process gets completed, the OS will automatically start to reboot.
These are the methods by which you can be able to learn how to Backup Windows 10 OS.