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Add Music From iTunes To iPhone | Easy And Affordable Fixes

Music is one of those aspects of life that can help you to cherish some of your great moments. Enjoying listening to music in the iPhone is what many of us dream about. So if you have any doubt regarding how to add music to iPhone, then this article will guide you the best.

Go through the article carefully to add music from your iTunes application to iPhone in a few easy steps.

How To Add Music From iTunes To iPhone

You need a USB cable to transfer the files from your computer to the iPhone. There are four methods to carry out your task. The methods and steps to add music from iTunes to iPhone are given below.

Method 1: Manually Add Items From iTunes

Step 1:
Connect your iPhone with the computer using the USB cable.
Step 2:
Open the iTunes application and check that you have the latest version of the app.
Step 3:
Select the songs that you would like to add to your device from the iTunes library.
Step 4:

Look in the left panel for the device of yours and then drag and drop the selected files or music to your iPhone. Also, remember that you can add music from a single iTunes Library because iPhone does not support data inclusions from multiple iTunes Library.

Method 2: Manually Add Items From The Laptop

Step 1:

You can also add the songs manually from the computer to iPhone. In that case, at first, you have to connect your device to the system.

Step 2:

Next, open iTunes and check that you have the latest version of iTunes present in the system.

Step 3:

Find the music that you would like to add to your device. Choose your particular file and copy it. You can use the copy option after right-clicking on the music, or you can also press Ctrl + C together and copy it.

Step 4:

Roll back to your iTunes library and then navigate to the Library tab of Music.

Step 5:

Look in the left panel for your device and then drag and drop the selected files or music to your iPhone.

Step 6:

Next, paste the music on the destination. You can choose the paste option after right-clicking on the background or you can also press Ctrl + P together and paste it.

Method 3: Purchasing Music On The iPhone

To purchase music on iPhone, open the iTunes Store app on your iPhone. Next tap on the Search bar and type in the music of your choice. You can type in the name of the artist, album or song and get the desired results for the same. Press the Search button on your keyboard next.

You can also find the price of the song or album that you are searching for in the extreme right corner. Tap on the amount and when asked to confirm the purchase, scan your Touch ID or enter your Apple ID password.

Wait for a while till your download is complete. It may take some time depending on your network speed and the size of the file. After finishing your download, you can choose to Play the song or album.

Method 4: Using Apple Music On Your iPhone

If your problem is not yet resolved even after applying the steps mentioned above, then you can follow this method. This method is easier than other but requires internet connection everytime you choose to play music.

Open the settings of your iPhone and press the Music button. Turn On the switch Show Apple Music. In the same way turn on the iCloud Music Library switch. If prompted then click the Keep Music option. This will allow you to save all your music.

Hit the Automatic Downloads switch so that the music that is added to your iCloud Library can be downloaded automatically and then press your Home button. Now open the Music application and click on the Search bar. Next, select Apple Music and type the song or album of your choice.

You can press the + sign that is present on the right side of the song. This will download the song you have selected and add to your music library on your iPhone.

Troubleshoot How To Add Music To iPhone

It may be possible that you are unable to add music to your device manually. In that case, you can follow the steps accordingly and resolve your issue in no time.

First, connect the device to the laptop. Next, open the iTunes application and make sure that you have the newest version of iTunes. Search for your device and then select the same. Next, look out for the Summary option from the left panel. Under the Summary, section, locate the Options Window. Hit on the box next to the option to manually manage music and videos. Press Apply.

If you see a message describing that the device is synced with another library, it means that you may have used a different computer to sync your iPhone earlier. Also, for iTunes to sync, it first needs to remove the contents and replace them at the same time.