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iTunes Error 14: This iPhone/iPad Could Not Be Restored, An Unknown Error Occurred

iTunes is an application that is developed by Apple Inc. to manage music and other media files on Apple or Mac devices. The tool is available for organizing data on three Apple devices, i.e., iPods, iPad, and iPhones. By using this application, you can get numerous music, video files and other interactive content to purchase or download for free. Recently Apple launched the iOS 12 in September, and this Operating System is loaded with quality features that everyone wants in their device. But, when the user upgrades it to this version, they encounter some peculiar issues that they are unable to diagnose. The iTunes error 14 is the most reported issue by the Apple customers. This error code generally appears when you are retrieving data from back up. Otherwise, if  you are updating your device to iOS 12 or iOS 12.1, you can also see this error code popping up on your screen.


Thus in this article, we will discuss the iTunes error 14 that appears when installing the latest iOS version.

How To Fix iTunes Error 14?

Fixing the iTunes 14 is not a difficult task for the users. You don’t need to be professionals to troubleshoot this specific issue. But before resolving the issue, you need to know some useful tips and tricks that make your work bit simpler. If you know the proper steps, then it will speed up the troubleshooting process as well.


Here is the list of probable solutions that will help you to fix the iTunes error 14 on your Apple devices promptly.

Fix the iTunes Error 14 Manually

If you are witnessing the iTunes error on your system, then fix the tool manually. First, make sure that you have set correct time and date on your iOS device. If not then reset the Date and time accurately. Else it can lead to iTunes error 14 during restoring or upgrading.


After that, restart your PC and iPhone. Also, update the security version in iPhone as well as in your computer. If the security update doesn’t resolve the issue, then uninstall it and start the process again. User needs to update the iTunes as well as it plays a key role in upgrading or restoring process. Hence, update the iTunes.

Troubleshoot The iTunes Error by Deleting Faulty Firmware File

The iTunes error can also occur if the update file is not properly downloaded for the device. When you restore, the iTunes takes the assistance of IPSW file. If the IPSW files become unusable, then the user needs to remove the files. Thus try to delete or move it to a different directory and rename those files. The iTunes will download a fresh copy of the IPSW file in place of deleted files.

Have A Proper Backup And Try A Clean Restore

Before installing the iOS 12, you need to back up your device. Then do a clean restore of iOS 12 using the IPSW file downloaded from Apple store. Lastly, restore your device with the backup and then install iOS 12. Hence there will be no issue after the installation of the latest version of iOS. If the problem persists then go to the next solution.

Solve The iTunes Error By De-stabilising Security Or Third Party Software

If none of the tips above solve your problem, then check to see any third party software might trigger the issue. This type of security application often blocks Apple Devices to upgrade, backup, or restore.

Thus, it is better to disable the security software during the upgradation. And verify iTunes error is preventing your device to restore or update.

Perform Forced Hard Reset

Perform Forced Hard Reset

You can easily fix the iTunes error 14 by performing a hard reset on your device. But you have to be careful as this step will clear all data and files that are stored on your Apple device. So to perform a reset, you need to create a backup.

After restoring your data, you can proceed with the hard reset. To reset your iPhone hold “Home” and “Sleep” button together for 10 seconds until screen becomes black and restarts. After the reboot, device will ask for the passcode for security purpose. Enter the password and check whether the iPhone is stable or not.

Eradicate iTunes Problem By Checking The Cables And Connector

After performing all the related software techniques, the user should verify all the USB cables and connections. Because in most of the cases these errors can occur due to improper connections. Thus, we recommend you to do a thorough checkup of all the connectors and USB cables. Due to dodgy connections may also result in other severe issues as well. You can prevent that by following few instructions.

We suggest all the Apple users that they use authentic Apple USB cable. Switch the USB port and try another one. Also, check the cable of your device by connecting it to the other system.

Other Useful tips To Prevent iTunes Error in iOS 12

The launch of iOS 12 has given some new and exciting features for the users. If you want to reap benefit from this application, follow these vital steps. These tips will help you to use iOS 12 efficiently, and it will also nullify issues like iTunes error 14. So go through the list.

  • You can customize the widgets with the help of the Edit button. The Edit button will enable users to move or delete items. If you want to manage the widgets, they might ask for Password.
  • The recent iOS version has still maintained the same lock screen feature like the older versions. But if you possess the latest model, then the software also supports the Touch ID. Hence, you don’t have to swipe left or right to open the lock screen.
  • Now, you can remove the stock apps like face time, calendars from the home screen as well.


Users who are using iTunes to update to the newest iOS is good practice. Then, update your Apple device with the help WiFi. Although the techniques that are mentioned above are quite useful and it will solve the iTunes problem. But if the issue is preventing the update or restore of your device then update your Apple device with the help Wi-Fi and iTunes error will not appear.