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How do I exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Monero (XMR)?

I exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Monero (XMR) without commission online? Where can I see the rating of cryptocurrency exchanges? How do I choose the best exchanger?

Have you ever changed your money in bank exchangers? If yes, then you can imagine the way these platforms work. Cryptocurrency exchanges work similarly. But they do not work with real money but with digital money.

These online resources buy, sell, exchange one cryptocurrency for another. With exchangers, you can convert cryptocurrency in any combination. But we are interested in the Bitcoin (BTC) to Monero (XMR) exchange. 

Cryptocurrency exchange — changing virtual money into real money

So, digital money became more expensive than gold and platinum. Bitcoin rate once came close to $70000 per 1 BTC. It is not certain that the growth of this cryptocurrency will ever stop. Bitcoins are getting harder and harder to mine, and bitcoins are limited.

Thousands of people make money from bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies simply and ingeniously. They buy at one price and wait for it to rise. Then they successfully sell. This is how you can make money by exchanging Bitcoin (BTC) to Monero (XMR). This is a typical example of passive income. As in any other financial transaction, there is a risk here. Bitcoin can fall in price at any moment.

Do cryptocurrencies have disadvantages? Of course, there are. This money is recognized almost nowhere at the state level. It is not legalized, but there is no prohibition on its use. Making transactions with BTC and other cryptocurrencies, you act at your own risk.

How to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Monero (XMR)

There is nothing complicated about exchanging BTC to XMR. Exchanging it is not difficult if you are smart enough to earn digital money. To avoid disappointment, use a step-by-step algorithm.

Choosing an exchanger

  • The key stage of the process. There is no point in rushing at this stage. Choosing from a variety of options will benefit you. The criteria for selection are classic:
  • the life span of the exchanger — 3-5 years: quite a solid age for such an institution;
  • quotes — in the case of cryptocurrency, they change every minute;
  • participation in professional ratings — it indicates the reliability of the resource;
  • the amount of commission — too much commission will make the best exchange rate unprofitable.
  • It is worth registering on the exchange site to make the exchange process faster. Although, for some resources, it is not a mandatory requirement. But registration is more advantageous because it gives the user privileges for the next exchange at the same site.

Confirming the payment and filling out the application

The next steps are a matter of technique. Choose a currency pair and method of exchange. Then fill out the application. Enter the amount you want to exchange. The equivalent amount in XMR, according to the current exchange rate, is shown by itself.

Receiving money on the account

Click “exchange” or “confirm the exchange” and wait for the execution of the request. Be prepared to wait — from a few minutes to several days. The latter, of course, is undesirable, but it is impossible to predict this. 

How to choose the best exchanger — 5 tips

There are no perfect exchangers for all occasions. But knowing the selection criteria, you will find the best option.

  • Study the reviews of users. If there are too many negative reviews, this is a reason to doubt the exchanger’s advisability.
  • Consider the fame of the service. But a well-known name is no guarantee for the benefits: the quotes and the commission — that is what is decisive.
  • Analyze the reliability of the resource. The longer the life of the help, the more reliable it is. 
  • Check the reserve of funds on the exchanger. Commissions and rates can be perfect, but not enough resources. 
  • Assess the quality of technical support. Prompt feedback is a sign of a professional exchanger. 

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