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Has Your Hamachi Service Stopped? Learn Some Easy Ways To Fix It

Hamachi is one of the most popular computer applications which has the potential to establish links directly between systems which are behind NAT or National Address Translation firewalls that too without requiring reconfiguration. But, this too, at times, manifest certain problems. One of them is the common error message Hamachi service stopped that appears before the users. Such alerts stir confusion in the users’ minds.

Furthermore, this alert prevents users from processing Hamachi on the computer system. Also, the application has a tendency to bring about favorable changes. However, before directly moving on to the steps, it is mandatory for the users to know about the different types of problems that can arise when this message appears.

Hamachi service status stopped is an annoying error alert which troubles the users. Whatsoever is the problem, make sure to go through the repercussions that we have discussed. Only after that can you proceed to the solutions with convenience. Therefore, stick through the methods and implement them properly.

Reasons Behind the Hamachi Service Stopped Windows 10 Issue:

This error message signifies certain problems in the computer system. Before treating the issue, make sure to take a glance at the probable problems when this alert arises. Therefore, stick to the section and know more about the error. Also, note down the probable problems that it triggers.

  • Hamachi Service Status Stopped

If other programs or services are not running on the computer system, the Hamachi can take place. In order to fix it, make sure that the service for WMI is running that too before initiating the Hamachi application.

  • Hamachi Tunnel Issue

This issue can manifest due to the antimalware application that is present in your system. Certain software tends to clash with the Hamachi program and the antivirus is one of them. However, to fix this, make sure to disable the antivirus and then inspect if it solves the issue entirely.

  • Hamachi Service Stopped, Can’t Start or Not Found

The services and their settings trigger these problems. However, in order to treat them, you need to make the necessary alterations.

Effective Ways to Fix the Hamachi Service Status Stopped Issue:

The problem can occur due to plenty of reasons. From the presence of corrupted files to the conflict between two applications, the issue may arise due to any reason. But, the solutions that we have mentioned below in details are sure to serve you correctly. Therefore, stick through and read the procedures in order to treat the Hamachi service stopped error.

Method 1: Ensure that WMI service is Running Actively

Ensure that WMI service is Running ActivelyIn case the necessary services aren’t running, the Hamachi error appears before the users. In order to treat it, follow the underlying steps.

  • Press and hold the Windows button along with the R key. Then, in the blank space in the Run window, type services.msc. After that, proceed to press Enter or else click on the OK button.
  • Now, you will see the Services window wherein you must locate the Windows Management Instrumentation. Now, double click on it for opening its properties.
  • Then, set the type from Startup to Automatic. In case the service isn’t running, proceed to click on the Start button in order to Start it. After that, click on the Apply option and then on OK for saving the alterations that you made.

Finally, make an attempt to run the Hamachi and inspect if the Hamachi service stopped issue persists. If it doesn’t, proceed to the successive procedure in order to fix it conveniently.

Method 2: Inspect your Antivirus

Inspect your AntivirusAt times, the Hamachi service error shows up if the antivirus present in the system is blocking the Hamachi or clashing with it. For this, open the settings for antivirus and inspect if it does not block Hamachi.

In case, Hamachi isn’t blocked, then make an attempt to disable certain features of the antivirus. Then, check if it brings favorable changes. If the error persists, proceed to disable the antivirus entirely and then assess if it functions as normal. Even after that, if you find no results, remove the antivirus from the computer system itself.

In case uninstalling the antivirus application solves the problem, take the hint and consider installing separate antivirus software. However, finally, check if the problem persists. If it does, make sure to head to the next procedure for treating the Hamachi service stopped Windows 10 issue.

Method 3: Design a Script to Restart the Hamachi Service Automatically

Design a Script to Restart the Hamachi Service AutomaticallyThis section holds a critical procedure for treating the error and involves you to carefully implement them. You must form a script which will restart the Hamachi services and after that, proceed to restart the program. For creating the script, make sure to adhere to the following.

  • Search for the Notepad in the Start menu. Once you get it, do a right-click and select it as an administrator. Then, type the commands:

net stop Hamachi2Svc

net start Hamachi2Svc

start “C:Program Files (x86)LogMeIn Hamachihamachi-2-ui.exe”


Make sure to hit the Enter button after every line.

  • Head to the File and then go to Save as. Then, set the type to Save as All Files and after that, hit the Enter key.
  • Next, opt for C: WindowsSystem32 and set it as the location for saving. Finally, click on the Save button.

Now that you have created the file, proceed to manually run it for restarting the services. Also, you can create in the Task Scheduler, an event and then arrange this script to repeat every couple of hours. In this way, you can fix the Hamachi service stopped issue conveniently as well as thoroughly.

Method 4: Ensure that the Hamachi services are Running and Inspect the Settings for Security

Ensure that the Hamachi services are Running and Inspect the Settings for SecurityIf the above-mentioned procedures fail to respond, this method is sure to serve you well. This basic method can solve the issue thoroughly. It is probably a case where the security permissions are clashing with Hamachi. Stick to the steps below and treat the Hamachi service stopped issue well.

  • Launch the Services window and then locate the LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling services. Then, set the Startup type to Automatic.
  • Next, head to the tab for Log On and opt for the Local System account. Finally, tick the Allow service to interact with desktop. First, click on Apply and then proceed to hit the OK button to save the alterations.

After that, make sure to change the Hamachi settings for security. This is extremely simple and therefore follow the underlying steps.

  • Firstly, head to the directory in C: Program Files LogMeIn Hamachi. Then, choose the Properties from the menu.
  • After that, head to the Security tab and then click on Edit.
  • Finally, from the list, select the user account and make sure that the option for Full Control is ticked in the Allow column. Also, you may have to add the Users group and provide them with the Full Control privileges.

Finally, this procedure should solve the Hamachi service stopped issue completely. If it doesn’t yield favorable changes, make sure to proceed to the successive method.

Method 5: Alter the Settings for Hamachi Services

Alter the Settings for Hamachi ServicesIf the service is not configured properly, the error alter tends to appear. For this, you must make certain changes. Therefore, take a glance at the underlying steps.

  • Launch the Services window and then double-click on the service of the LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine.
  • Then, when you see the Properties window, proceed to click on the Start button in order to initiate the service.
  • After that, head to the Recovery tab and then set the First Failure, Second and the Subsequent failures in order to restart the service. Next, make the Reset fail to count after to 0 days and then proceed to restart the service after 1 minute.

Finally, after setting the requirements, hit the Apply button and then on OK. Doing this can completely resolve the Hamachi service stopped problem. But, if in any case, the issue arises frequently, then the next method is your savior.

Method 6: Reinstall Hamachi

Reinstall HamachiThe problem might also occur in the process of installation. The procedure, at times, can get corrupted and become faulty. Thus, in order to resolve the issue, make sure to uninstall and then reinstall it. Firstly, head to the Control Panel and then proceed to uninstall the program. After the session, turn the computer system off and then proceed to install it anew. This resolves the Hamachi service stopped problem entirely.


However, make sure that the problem goes away. For this, inspect if the issue arises again or not. If it does, the next section is for you. While if it doesn’t, then all is well and good.

Method 7: Conduct a Clean Boot

Conduct a Clean BootAt times, the problem is associated with a different application altogether. They tend to interfere and clash with the Hamachi. In order to treat this, proceed to disable the Startup programs and services. Then, inspect if it is successful in troubleshooting the problem. However, stick through the underlying steps to solve it conveniently.

  • Firstly, press and hold the Windows key along with the R button. This brings forth the run dialog box wherein you must type “msconfig”. Then, press the Enter button or hit OK.
  • This triggers the System Configuration window to launch. Then, head to the Services tab and proceed to tick the Hide all Microsoft services option. Next, click on the button which says Disable all.
  • Now, head to the Startup tab and click to open Task Manager. This summons the Task manager wherein you’ll notice a list of startup programs.
  • From that list, on the first application, right-click and choose to Disable it. Now, continue to do this for all the programs on that list.
  • Next, navigate to the System Configuration window after the disabling session is over. Then, click on Apply and then on OK. Finally, restart the system in order to make the changes effective.

In this way, one can treat the Hamachi service stopped issue with complete ease and convenience. However, if none work, the final section below is sure to serve you with the answer.

Method 8: Conduct a System Boot

Conduct a System BootSystem restore is the last resort if nothing works properly. But, make sure that you rely on this procedure only when you have made an attempt with the other solutions. However, to do that, follow the cited below steps properly.

  • Firstly, press and hold down the Windows button or simply head to the Start menu. Therein, in the search box, enter the term System Restore. Then, from the list of results, select to Create a restore point.
  • This brings up the System Properties window to which you must click on the System Restore button.
  • Now, when the System Restore window launches, proceed to click on the Next in order to proceed.
  • Then, enable the option to Show more restore points if available. After that, select the desired restore point and then hit the Next button.

Finally, simply adhere to the instructions on the screen in order to get the entire problem solved. This method is very effective for treating the Hamachi service stopped complication.

Wrapping Up

By following these effective methods, one can easily troubleshoot the error. However, we suggest you try your hands on the problems regardless of the degree of its complexity. Doing this, one can solve the issue themselves and that too without spending much time on it. But, if the Hamachi service stopped problem reappears, only then we would encourage you to consult expert assistance. You can then solve it without any hassle.