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How To Link GoDaddy WebMail To An Android (Step-Wise Guide)

GoDaddy is a great site for web-hosting purposes. Besides that, GoDaddy also offers email services. You can link up your own GoDaddy email address to the business or personal website to make it more manageable. 

If you want to get benefitted from this, then you must know how to link GoDaddy webmail to an Android device. That’s why we have prepared this guide to link the GoDaddy Webmail services on your Android smartphone. 

Probable Methods to Link GoDaddy WebMail to an Android:

If you own an Android smartphone and want to login to the GoDaddy WebMail services, then you have three options available. Either you can use the stock web browser on your Android device or you can download and install the mobile application of GoDaddy. Otherwise, you can also opt for the email application provided by that particular Android manufacturer. 

We have mentioned all the probable methods here. Now, you have to choose the method in which you are comfortable to link GoDaddy webmail to Android. 

Method 1: Use Stock Android Web Browser 

All Android smartphones come up with a default web browser. You can use that web browser to link GoDaddy WebMail to the Android device. Use the following guidelines to accomplish the task.

  1. Locate the Applications icon from the home screen. Tap on it. Next, you have to press the Internet icon to explore the default internet browser of the Android device.
  2. Fill in the address bar of the browser with ‘GoDaddy Workspace Login URL’. Hit Enter.
  3. Don’t forget to check the box next to the Remember Me option. It will help you to enter the website by filling out those credentials, automatically. 
  4. Next, fill out the credentials in the respective space. Finally, tap the Login button to enter the website of GoDaddy WebMail.

Method 2: Use GoDaddy Mobile Application

Alternatively, you can avoid the repeated login procedures through the web browser if you install the mobile application of GoDaddy WebMail. Go through the prominent steps to link the application to your Android smartphones.

  1. Launch the list of Applications installed on your Android device by tapping the Application menu. 
  2. Locate the Google Play Store application and tap on it. Stay in the Apps tab. Go to the Search section.
  3. Type ‘GoDaddy’ in the Search box. Choose the GoDaddy Mobile application from the results.
  4. Opt for the Install button next to the GoDaddy Mobile app. You have to confirm the prompt messages just by pressing the Accept button. Wait until the application downloads on your Android device.
  5. To launch the app, just tap on the Open option. After that, you need to enter all the credentials like email address, password. Make sure that you check the box next to the ‘Keep Me Logged In’ option before you sign in.
  6. Finally, tap the Go or ‘Access Your Account’ button to enter the inbox of the GoDaddy WebMail services.

Method 3: Use Android Email Application

There is another choice left for those who are not comfortable with the two above-mentioned methods. You can simply access the inbox of the GoDaddy WebMail through the stock email app on your Android device. Stick to the simple guidelines mentioned hereunder.

  1. You have to launch the default email app on your Android device from the Applications tab. After the app opens, tap the Menu option followed by the Accounts option.
  2. Again, press the Menu key. Now, this time you have to select the Add Account option.
  3. Here, you have to mention the email address of the GoDaddy WebMail services along with the user-password. Proceed with the Next option.
  4. If the account is active for IMAP, choose the IMAP option. Otherwise, you may continue with the POP3 option.
  5. Here you have to again enter the credentials of GoDaddy services.
    1. If you are using POP3, then you have to enter ‘pop.secureserver.net’ in the Incoming Server field. Also, type ‘110’ in the Port field.
    2. If you continue with IMAP, then mention ‘imap.secureserver.net’ in the Incoming server field. Additionally, provide ‘143’ in the Port option. When done, continue the process with the Next option.
  6. Fill out the Outgoing Server field with ‘smtpout.secureserver.net’ along with ‘80’ in the Port field. Make sure that you check the box beside the ‘Require Sign-in’ option. Re-enter all the credentials regarding the account of GoDaddy WebMail services. Press Next.
  7. Provide a name for the account. Tap on the Done option when the process finishes.

Now, you are able to use the GoDaddy WebMail services through the email app on your Android system.

Wrapping Up

Hope that the guide was helpful to learn how to link GoDaddy WebMail to an Android device. Some of the instructions mentioned above may vary due to different versions of Android OS and GoDaddy Mobile applications.

FAQs Related to How to Link GoDaddy WebMail to An Android: 

Most Android users use Gmail to access their emails, whether it is personal or commercial. That’s why we have added the most used email application in this FAQ section. 

How to Link GoDaddy WebMail to Gmail?

The steps are similar to the email application on the Android device. Use the steps as cited below.

  1. Open and log into Gmail. Tap the Gear icon from the top-right corner. Tap the Mail Settings option. After that, opt for the Accounts and Import tab under the Settings menu.
  2. Go to the ‘Check Mail Using POP3’ section. Tap the ‘Add POP3 email account’ option. Now, you have to enter the email address and the password.
  3. Make sure that the POP server is ‘pop.secureserver.net’ and the Port field is 110.
  4. Mark the checkbox next to the ‘Leave a copy of the retrieved message on the server’ option. Next, opt for the Add Account option.
  5. The GoDaddy webmail address is added to the Gmail.