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5 Games like Corruption of Champions You Must Play

Corruption of Champions is an online erotic flash game based on browser play. In the game, a particular player has to fight the demons of a village to protect it and become the champion every year. The player is sent from another dimension and had to choose their own path to finish the evil. 

Just like the Corruption of Champions, there are also various types of other erotic fantasy games that you can play. Moreover, all of these games are easily available in text, various OS versions, Android and iOS platforms too. 

5 Games like Corruption of Champions You Must Play

Here are the best 5 amazing games that are also very much interesting. If text-based games are one of your favorites, then we advise you to try these games that are here as follows. 

The Poor Whore 

It is one of the best games for flash game lovers. When you are willing to play a flash game, then the Poor Whore will be a perfect piece of cake with a cherry on the top. The game is correctly compatible with any version of the Windows Operating System. You can easily download the game setup file (.exe). 

In the game, it will allow you to perform various types of activities with an awesome surround sound. Moreover, you can also communicate with the other new characters to complete various types of quests and tasks. The game also allows you to customize characters and encounter intimate activities in the form of a second person. 

The Flexible Survival

This game will be the perfect flash game that you can play on a supplementary basis instead of the Corruption of Champions. It is based on a few true events which is designed by Nuku Valente. Apart from the desktop, the mobile version is also available for Android, iOS, and others. 

The storyline goes like this, the end of the earth is near due to an attack of a critical virus. You will be the main character and keep yourself safe before the backup military reaches you. You can explore various characters with the help of the customization menu with the help of excellent graphics and other features as well. 

Carnal Souls

People who love games with a lot of intimate scenes and activities will love this. It is a world adventure game with a lot of intimate scenes in it. There are various types of game modes with multiple numbers of enemies and bosses. 

You will also get a chance to seduce the demons and defeat them as well. Its storyline is excellent with various modified characters. You can also loot treasures, solve puzzles and uncover new places. 

The Fall of Eden

The main theme in the Fall of Eden is entirely supernatural. Just like the other games, it also contains demons as well as the angels. The game begins with a gateway that is present in a secret place. That gateway is the path between earth and hell. A character names Queen Aria will give you ultimate protection in the entire game. You will also have a choice of multiple characters that are compatible with every browser. 

Kingdom of Loathing 

You can play this game in single and multiplayer mode. In addition to that, as you can play online in the browser as it doesn’t require any type of download procedure. You can create your own character with customized graphics. In the game, you have to be the main character as usual and have to defeat the monsters. In doing so, you will earn rewards, points, skills and collect various types of stuff. 

Moreover, in this game, you will be able to increase your economical condition by selling goods and farming. All you have to do is to at the beginning of the game, select your gender and choose one of the characters from the list given below. As the game has a multiplayer option, you can also create your own team. In addition to that, you can also chat with other players too. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can you run an SWF file?

Ans: The SWF file is the flash setup file that allows you to run any text or flash contents in your system. There are various types of software that plays SWF files and you will get it in Google PlayStore. The download of this software is important because Adobe has stopped supporting flash files in the Android Operating System. 

How do you play the Corruption of Champions online and offline?

Ans: Open your web browser and open its official website. Click on the “Play” tab and the game will open in another tab. If you want to play offline, then right-click and “Save Link As” to any destination directory you want. After that, double-click on the setup file and start playing the game offline.