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Forgot iPhone Passcode? Recover It With Easy Hacks

Placing an identification key or a password on your phone is an interesting job. The security key will defend your phone from invaders and it can also be useful if your phone is lost or stolen. Forgot iPhone passcode? Sometimes, it can be a stressful and annoying experience. If you forget the password of your phone, you must reset it first. It is a natural fact to forget passwords, as we use lots of accounts at the same time. Therefore it advised to store your password somewhere or write it down in a notepad so that you don’t forget it.

But, what happens if you do not do that and you are unable to log in to your phone? There is nothing to worry as you can quickly recover your phone if you forget your password. You should consider the critical measures that you should conduct when you can’t remember your iPhone password. Take a look at the reasons why you cannot reset your iPhone. Knowing the causes is essential from the solution point of view.

Why Can’t You Recover iPhone Passcode?

  • There can be a problem in the email settings which is linked with the iOS account which is preventing you from signing in to your iOS device.
  • There can be a problem with the iOS settings which may not allow you to log in to your iOS account and you may not be able to access your Apple store.
  • Sometimes, there can be configuration issues and it may not allow you to recover or reset your iPhone and hence you may face the problem.
  • There can be problems with the update also. If you do not update your iOS more often then also there is a chance that you can encounter the iPhone issue.

These are the reasons which are highly responsible for users unable to recover their iPhone passcode. However, apart from these reasons, there are other reasons as well. But, those are not as vital as the ones described above. The ones in the above column are enough to help you comprehend the issue and solve the problem quickly. Furthermore, keep an eye on the key measures that you can implement to address the issue successfully.

How To Reset iPhone Passcode When You Forgot iPhone Password?

Here are some of the steps which you can apply to solve the issue successfully. Apply these measures carefully and implement the actions.

Step 1: Situation When You Know Your Password

If you remember your password, then the reset process becomes straightforward and quick. Firstly, you have to go to the Settings option and then from that option you need to select the General option. Then, choose the “Touch ID” option and then select Passcode. An alternative option known as Passcode lock can also pop up instead of the Passcode. Then, you may go to the passcode option and reset or change your password if you want. In case, you are setting up a new phone then you can take the help of this method to set up your iPhone.    

Step 2: Situation When You Forget Your Password

Forgot iPhone password? Then this is the ideal step for you. This step involves using the iTunes software to reset your passcode. To make this step work, there should be some essentialities. You require to turn off the sync option between your iPhone to the computer. Now, after that, you need to connect your iPhone within the specific PC where you have previously synced your iPhone.

Then, you will have to open the iTunes application. The iTunes application will ask you for entering your password. You will require to follow the on-screen instructions then and finally reset your phone in the recovery mode. Sometimes, the device may not respond and you may expect to sync your iTunes with the PC. After finishing the backup or the sync process you need to restore iPhone. Now, you can successfully restore iPhone from the iTunes backup option.


These are the steps which you can apply to solve the issue at one go. Go through the steps carefully to fix the iTunes issue. You have to keep one thing in mind that resetting your iPhone will eliminate all your data. Therefore, you must always take a backup of those before starting the restoring procedure.


Using an iPhone can be complicated sometimes. You may face errors and other technical glitches, but that does not mean the end of all processes. There are always some solutions for each technical problem. Hence, the solutions for fixing the password issue with iPhone is given in this article and you will be benefitted once you implement the methods.