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7 Best Alternatives to Flixtor: Watch FREE Movies & TV Series

Flixtor is one of the most reliable and famous sites for watching free high-quality TV shows and movies. It has recently gone offline due to excessive pressure. But, it has several alternatives. 

There are dozens of apps or sites who claimed to be the alternative, but some of them are fake as well as unsafe. The developers also confirmed that any website claiming to be an alternative of the existing service might be a fraud. 

Don’t worry, there are some safe alternatives. So, you can still enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies. Here. we are about to discuss some free alternatives to this service. You can have a look at the section discussed below. 

7 Free Alternatives to Flixtor

Here is a list of alternatives to Flixtor that provides free movies and TV shows for all. Sometimes, you may come across several frequent popups and ads while watching free online shows and movie streaming service. 

There are some websites that won’t bother you with ads, especially if your VPN has the ad-blocking feature. However, you can have a look at the alternatives described below: 


MoviesJoy is one of the best free TV and movie streaming services with zero ads. It provides fast as well as high-quality HD streaming services. Although some of the videos are only 720p, not the 1080p, still it’s great. 

All the videos are named as either cam or HD. So, you will find the high-quality version of each show or movie with ease. The videos named as cam, all are recorded in a movie theatre by using a camcorder. 

The only real downside of this sire is that you can’t remove closed captions from the videos that hold them. Although the captions are not interfering or they didn’t take up much space on the screen, still it would be great if you are able to turn them OFF. 

Overall, it is an ad-free and well-designed streaming site with a vast variety of over 1K titles. 

Popcorn Time App

Popcorn Time is not a website, but it’s an application. It also can be considered as a free alternative to Flixtor

After opening this application, you will have access to a catalogue of several movies and TV shows from different torrenting sites. So, you just need to choose a show or movie from the site. 

Thereafter, you will have to choose the video quality. So, if you want to save your internet data, then it can help you to do that. 

Furthermore, here, you are also getting the opportunity to close the captions. This application is available for both the Windows as well as Mac Operating System. Moreover, it is also available on Android or iOS devices. 


Movies streaming service offers an easy user-interface to its users. All the videos available on this platform are ordered by their source and quality. So, you can find the best available version of the title you are searching for with ease. 

The user-interface of this app is also more powerful than it seems at first. There you will get a simple video index. But, after choosing the video, you will be redirected to the official website of the SubMovies. 

Don’t worry, it will never take you to an unknown third-party streaming website. As the name of the platform hints, it always tries to improve the availability of subtitles items in different languages. 

So, if you have any problems with hearing or if you can’t find many movies in your local language, then the site is the best option for you. You can pause the video while seeing it at any point to see a translated version of the subtitle. 

Project Free TV

Actually, it is not a streaming site. You can consider it as an easy-to-use index of several TV shows. After finding the show you wish to watch, you have to click on the link given near to the show. It will navigate you to the site that hosts that video. 

But, this is not as intuitive and smooth as our top three streaming platforms. Here, you may need to try a few links in order to get the original one. 

There are no ads on the main website of this streaming platform. But, there are some third-party websites that may send a few advertisements while checking into the original site.

Some websites allow the user to select whether to download or stream the video. But, it is recommended not to download any videos from third-party websites. This platform has almost all the shows you could think of. Moreover, it continuously adds more videos every day. 

Watch Series: 

This streaming site provides a wide range of movies and TV shows. But, there are more pop-ups than another streaming platform. 

So, here you will need to use a VPN with an ad blocker. You will have to click on some advertisements while browsing this site. Don’t worry, these ads won’t interrupt the streams. 

This platform is extremely responsible as well as quick. Watch Series also redirects you to a third-party host website to stream the video like Project Free TV. 

Here, you will also need some patience as the first link might not redirect you to the original site. It is a well-organized website that makes it quite easy to spot the TV shows and movies that you want to view. You also need to avoid downloading any video from any third-party websites. 

Look Movie: 

Look Movie is another alternative to Flixtor. It offers a free streaming service without any advertisements. Another great quality of this streaming platform is that you will get the update regularly. 

Here, you will also get the subtitles in different languages. All the videos come in high-quality with both 1080p and 720p resolution. 

But, all you get from Look Movies are movies. So, if you are searching only for the TV shows, then you can go to another website mentioned above. 

The best part of this site is it holds classic movies as well as the latest one. There are more than 1K movies on this streaming platform. Furthermore, it’s user-interface is quite easy to use. 

Yahoo View

It is one of the active streaming websites that seems almost the same as the Flixtor. Here, you will get a vast range of TV shows, movies, and other videos just like Flixtor. Here, you can also download any TV shows or movies easily. 

Moreover, the user-interface of this streaming platform is quite easy-to-use. The quality of videos can be optimized by using internet speed. The best part of this platform is that advertisements will not disturb you much. 

Another great thing about his platform is, it is legal. So, you can download and enjoy videos without any worry or problem as you are not doing anything that is illegal. Here you can also watch the trailers of all the upcoming movies. 

We thoroughly tested all of the aforementioned websites in terms of reliability, quality, and safety. You don’t need to sign up to see their shows or movies. We hope it will definitely help you to enjoy a hassle-free streaming experience like Flixtor