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Flash Update in Firefox: Incredible Hacks

Firefox is the most trusted browser that is preferred by users across the globe. The numerous features offered by Firefox allows users to have an unmatched browsing experience. Some of its exclusive features include an improved download manager, stronger security against phishing and malware protection, smart bookmarks, flash update, etc. Flash update Firefox is an important feature that helps in viewing videos and processing multimedia files.But at times, it is also the source of getting malicious attacks on your system.

Therefore, you need to change the settings accordingly. In case, you are not aware of how to update flash firefox, do not worry. Go through this article thoroughly as we are going to discuss the simple methods and tricks that will give you a proper guidance to update flash firefox.

Simple steps to Flash Update Firefox:

There are many websites that require the Adobe Flash to display its content. However, there are some security flaws that can run malicious software thereby hampering your system. In this scenario, the only way to protect your system is to disable the flash plugin. But in case of a trusted website, you will have to change the plugin settings. Doing so will enable the Flash to run only after you click the activate option.

In case, you are not aware of the appropriate process to update Flash Firefox, try the methods mentioned below:

  1. At first, access menu and then choose the Add-ons. The Add-ons manager tab will open
  2. Select the Plugins panel, in the Add-ons Manager tab
  3. Now search for Shockwave flash in the list. Configure it correctly
  4. Now, it will ask you to click on the activate option
  5. Now, when you visit the websites that need flash, select the Activate option when prompted to you.
  6. Once you allow the plugin, the content which was missing will be loaded soon. In case, it doesn’t reload then try the above steps again.