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Get Some Easy Fixes Of HP Printer Error Code 79

The printer is one of the most important devices in this world of technology. It provides users to print documents, images, and files instantly. Moreover, you can also use it as a scanning device or if you want to fax something. Among all other printer brands, HP is considered the most reliable one. It attracts many people for its advanced facilities and good printing quality. Despite all its features and facilities, it has many technical glitches which may irritate you. While using the HP printer, you may face HP printer error code 79 problem while using your printer.

HP printers are the finest printer in the world, but it has some minor technical glitches too. HP printer error code 79 is the most common error among the Hp printer users. This error generally occurs due to the problem in the hardware configuration. If the connection between the printer and the computer is not correct, then you may face the problem. Moreover, you may also encounter the problem due to the problem in the printing pages or in the ink cartridge settings. Sometimes, due to an outdated printer driver, you may experience such issues.

If you are a tech-savvy person, then you can fix the problem quite easily. But if you don’t have any idea about the problem, then don’t worry. You can gather some useful and effective solution methods to fix the problem. This article will surely help you to do the same.

How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 79?

Every technical problem has some solution by which you can fix them. There are also many ways to resolve the HP printer error code 79. Here we have gathered some effective ways to fix the problem easily and quickly. Follow the article and then implement the procedures.

Solution 1: Check Connection Issue

The connection between the printer and computer is the most important part to run any printer smoothly. If there is any problem in the connection between these two devices. Then you may face such a problem with your printer device. Therefore to fix the issue, disconnect all the cables. At first, turn off the printer and the computer as well. After that, disconnect all the connected wires from the printer. Now wait for the time and then connect all the cables again and turn on the computer. Now, you can access the printer again, without any hesitation.

Solution 2: Change The Ethernet Cable

After performing the first method, if you are still facing the problem. Then it may be due to the problem in the ethernet cable which connects the printer with your system. In this case, change the ethernet cable and connect another cable with the system. After that, restart the printer and the system as well. Now you will not encounter the problem again.

Solution 3: Update the Printer Driver

In many cases, it is found that HP printer error code 79 issue happens because of the outdated printer driver. If you are using the outdated version of the printer driver, then it can cause you many problems. So, go to the Settings from the Control Panel and select the Update & Security option. Under that, click on the HP Printer Driver Update option and check for all the available updates. After that, it will install the latest updates in your system automatically.

Solution 4: Clean Up The Printhead

Sometimes this methods also helps to remove the HP printer error code 79 from the device. To do that, first, turn off the printer and discard all the cables from the printer. Then open the printhead and clear out all the dust present there. When you are cleaning the printhead be careful, don’t damage any other part. After doing that, plug-in all the cable and start the device. After that, you may not face the problem again in your system.

Solution 5: Change The Ink Cartridge

This JHP printer error code 79 problem generally occurs due to the ink leakage in the printhead, this means there is an issue with the cartridge itself. So, changing the cartridge might do the trick for you. At first, open the HP Officejet Print-head cover and remove the leakage cartridge. After that, insert a new one and restart the printer again. Now, finishing the task try to print something and check if the problem persists.

Solution 6: Change The IP Address

This HP printer error code 79 may occur due to some problem if there is any change in the IP address. If the IP address configuration is not correct. Or if the IP address of the printer and the system do not match with each other, then you may as well encounter the problem. That’s why configure the IP address of your printer same as your system. Open a web browser and type my IP address in the search bar. After that, you can see your system’s IP address, copy that and paste it to the printer’s IP address from the settings. Now restart the system and access the printer without having any problem.


We hope that after going through the article and following the steps you are now able to disable fast user switching Windows 7. Furthermore, you can also visit the website to know more about any other technical problems and errors.