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A Complete Guide To Troubleshoot Youtube Black Screen In Chrome

If your videos on Youtube gets disrupted and a black screen appears instead, then you are probably encountering Youtube black screen in Chrome error. This type of problems is possible not only in the Chrome browser but also in other browsers too. There might be a number of causes for which you are receiving such kind of error. However, with the solutions provided below you can solve the issue with ease.

Instances When Your Youtube Turns Black

In this context, we have listed four different situations which you may have encountered with the problem.

Youtube Screen Turns Black While Loading

The most common report with Youtube is that the screen is turning black while loading or during the buffering of a video. While the page may load and stop buffering after a while, the Youtube video may be nowhere to essential. Users are left only with a blank screen, but the video is unable to stream. Nevertheless, there is a solution to such issue which we can get down below.

Buffering Along With The Blank Screen

Similar to the above cause, it may happen that once you open a Youtube video, it starts buffering. The users continue to wait, but in vain. Many experts have attributed this issue to network problems, but it may not be such.

Screen Is Blank After Removing The Cookies

Deleting the cookies may help you control the issue temporarily, but it is not a permanent solution. In that case, it may happen that after watching a few videos you are receiving the same error. This error is very annoying and can keep you away from watching your favorite videos on Youtube.

Youtube Black Screen While The Sounds Are Audible

As soon as you open a Youtube video, you may not be able to see any picture or motion, instead you may hear the sounds or voice. People can listen to music or understand the dialogs which are crystal clear, but the only thing that is missing is the video.

Causes For Youtube Black Screen

There are a number of causes for this type of errors. These reasons are listed below.

Cause 1: Unstable Internet Connection

Unstable Internet connection is an important reason for this type of error. You should check your internet connection if you are encountering this error. Remember that the error is not always an issue of slow internet connection, but can occur due to other minor network issues.

Cause 2: Lot Of Caches In Your Web Browser

The excess of cache content in your browser may be a cause of such issue as well. If you are using Youtube frequently and is not erasing the caches, then you can expect to buffer of the videos and hence black screen bug.

Cause 3: Ad-blocker

An ad-blocker is an extension that blocks advertisements online. It helps you to get rid of those annoying ads that may be pop-up anytime.

Cause 4: Restricted And Sensitive Video

There are two Youtube configurations that can cause this kind of an error. Firstly, if the video is made unavailable in your country. Secondly, it may happen that the owner of the video has not made it available.

Cause 5: You Have Logged Into Youtube Account

Few users have faced this error after having logged into their Youtube account. However, there is no particular reason for this error.

Cause 6: Malfunctioning Of Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash player is used to embed videos on several websites. Therefore, the cause of this error may also depend on the Adobe flash player. You need to take necessary steps to solve such issue which we have discussed down below.

Cause 7: Automatic Turning On Of Hardware Acceleration

External hardware technique enhances video playback quality. However, it can cause the problem of the Youtube opening with a black screen.

Solutions To Youtube Black Screen In Chrome

There are multiple solutions to fix your issue.

Method 1: Resetting The Router

If the error is caused due to network issues, then you may choose to reset your router and check if it fixes the error.

  • At the first instance, you need to refresh or reload your Youtube page.
  • You can also load other web pages and check if it works fine.
  • Restart your router or modem whatever you may be using.
  • Connect to another network and check if the problem persists.
  • Check the speed of the network connection.

Method 2: Clear The Cache Memory

To clear the cache memory in your Chrome, you need to follow the steps down below.

  • Go to the Chrome Options. Next, open the More Tools tab and select Clear Browsing Data.
  • Now, you click on the Advanced tab on the window.
  • Now, select every cookies and cache contents present on the browser. Click on the checkbox against those contents.
  • In the end, press the Clear Data button.

Method 3: Whitelist The Youtube

In the settings of the AdBlocker, you may have to whitelist the Youtube. Follow the steps down below and learn how to do so.

  • Right-click on the Adblock extension and select Options.
  • In the next Window, you need to choose the whitelisted domains tab.
  • Verify that youtube.com is under the whitelist section. If not, then add it to the proper section.

This will solve your issue in no time. Nonetheless, if you are unable to resolve the problem, then you may follow the other steps.

Method 4: Accessing The Age-Restricted Videos

Many Youtube videos are age-restricted. So you need to sign in to the Youtube and confirm your age and fix the problem of yours. You need to be at least 18 years old to access this type of videos.

Method 5: Reinstall The Flash Player

You can reinstall the flash player and get rid of the issue. Use a trusted source for such. Re-install from a verified source. Also, make sure to enable the javascript in the browser.

Method 6: Disable The Hardware Acceleration In chrome://flags/

  • Open the browser and navigate to chrome://flags/
  • Find out hardware acceleration.
  • If the hardware acceleration is enabled, then disabled it.

Method 7: Use Incognito Mode

Using the Incognito mode can also solve this kind of bugs. In the incognito mode, extensions do not work, and so it can impact the Youtube profoundly. So you can launch the video using the browser.

These are the ways that can help you immensely in solving the above issue. You can also comment below if you still have any doubts and queries regarding the problem.