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How To Fix Xfinity Error Code XRE-03007: Quick And Instant Fixes

Xfinity error code XRE-03007 is one of the most prominent errors which are encountered by Xfinity users while trying to stream on their television. 

The error will be triggered if the specific digital memory that you use to broadcast TV is not set in your account. A corrupted or damaged launch configuration can also be the reason for this error code on the device. 

If you are also facing this problem, then you are in the right place. Here, we are going to explain two useful solutions that will help you to get rid of this particular problem from the device.

So, read on and learn more about that.

Two Solutions to Resolve Xfinity Error Code XRE-03007

There are two possible solutions to fix the Xfinity error code XRE-03007 on the device. Go through these solutions and apply them accordingly as mentioned below.

Solution 1 – Check the Internet Connection 

Check the Internet Connection 

If the internet connection is not connected accurately, then you may see the Comcast error code XRE-03007 on the device. So, you need to connect it properly. To do that, 

  1. At first, press the Power Button on the router to turn it off.
  2. Wait for a few seconds and then turn it on by pressing the Power button again. 
  3. After doing this, connect the device to the internet and then check f the error code still appears or not. 

 Solution 2 – Reinitializing the Device

Reinitializing the Device

If solution 1 does not help you out then you can use this solution to eliminate the Xfinity error code XRE-03007 on the device. 

If the configuration is damaged or corrupted then you might come across this error on your device. So, you need to reinitialize all the devices. Follow these steps:

  1. First of all, disconnect the STB, internet modem, and TV from the socket. 
  2. After that, press and hold the Power buttons on the device at least 40 seconds. 
  3. Connect the devices again and wat for internet access.
  4. Then switch on the TV and check if the error code is resolved or not. 


Hope the above solutions will help you to fix the Xfinity error code XRE-03007.

So, go through these solutions carefully and perform them on the device to resolve the error. If the error still appears even after performing these fixes, then you can leave a comment in the comment section below and we will get back to you with a proper fix.

Or, you can also connect with a reliable tech professional to avoid the hassles of performing a technical fix by yourself.