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Fix Xbox One Mic Not Working With Efficient Steps

Looks like you are having an issue with the microphone that you are using on your Xbox One controller? You are not the only one dealing with this trouble. Several gamers are having the same concern that the Xbox One mic is not working correctly. This error usually generates when you are using your headset to chat with your friends.

The problem can be pretty much annoying as this can ruin the whole gaming experience. Basically, the mic that records your voice on the headset, doesn’t work properly as soon as the error occurs. At that point of time, you can hear your friends clearly but they can’t hear anything that you speak. So finally, the communication can’t be continued due to this trouble. Hence, it is important to fix Xbox One mic not working with appropriate steps.

Ways To Fix Xbox One Headset

You can definitely get the performance of the microphone back to its previous position. In this regard, you just have to follow few steps to fix the microphone issues.

Basic Troubleshooting

As soon as you find the Xbox One headset mic not working, these are the basic things that you need to follow at first.

  • Make sure the headset and the controller are properly connected to each other. Similarly, the controller is also connected to the console. In order to ensure, you can reconnect them again.
  • Ensure that the headset that you are using is not muted. Check the audio settings of the Xbox One or mute button on the headset controller. There you can make the necessary changes to increase the volume of the microphone.
  • Take a look at the cables and your device and check if any sign of damage is reflecting from outside. You can confirm that by trying out another headset or controller as well. Similarly, you can use another console to encounter the problematic area. If found, repair or replace the console to make it work correctly.

Configure Your Xbox Profile

Configure Your Xbox Profile

In case your Xbox profile settings are limiting your voice communication, your microphone can be muted on Xbox One. Therefore, go to your profile settings and check if they are controlling your microphone settings.

  • Click on the Xbox key from the controller.
  • Go to Settings and choose All Settings.
  • Select Privacy & online safety from Account.
  • Click on View details & customize.
  • Choose Communication with voice and text and select the contact you are willing to talk to.

After completing the process successfully, ensure that you can finally talk to your friends and family members effortlessly using the microphone.

Restart The Xbox One Console

Restart The Xbox One Console

Issues with the Xbox One console can be responsible for the Xbox One mic not working. In that case, you can reboot the console to resolve the issue at the earliest. Check out the steps from below to restart the console and fix the microphone not working on Xbox One:

  • Choose the Xbox button from the Xbox One console and wait for few seconds until the device shuts down completely.
  • Unplug the console from the power cable and keep it unoperated for around 10 seconds. This way you can reset the Xbox One power supply.
  • Plug in the console back to its previous state and tap on the Xbox button to switch it on.
  • Finally, check your mic whether it works correctly or not.

Repair Or Replace The Device

In case you have encountered any hardware problem or the above solutions are not being able to help you get rid of the mic issue, it’s high time that you repair or replace your device. Fortunately, if the devices are still under the warranty period, you should definitely get in touch with Microsoft Support team to get fixes for the hardware malfunctions.