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Xbox One Controller Runtime Error: Resolve It With Easy Hacks

Xbone One is one of the famous gaming console available in the market. To get it more efficient, you always need to keep updating your Xbox One controller. In the meantime, while opening a game in this console, if you get stuck with the Xbox One controller Runtime error, then you may suffer from a dilemma. If this is the case, then go through this article. This article will help you with the proper solutions along with the complete steps to fix this problem in an efficient manner.

What causes the Xbox One Controller Runtime Error?

Want to know, that what causes the Xbox One controller Runtime error?. Then, look forward to this section. Here below is the list which is determined by the experts as the things causing this problem.

Corrupt Xbox files: If the Xbox One controller is running a virus glitch then, this can cause this effect and result in the Runtime error problem. To resolve it, you need to restart your Xbox console. And to learn the complete steps of how to restart Xbox One console, continue to the below sections of this article.

Outdated Version of Xbox One controller: If you have not updated your Xbox One console for a longer time. Then, this can be the fact for which you are facing this error window. If this is the case, then, the only best solution for this is to update your Xbox one controller.

In case, if you face any problem to update your Xbox One controller. Then, you need to proceed to uninstall and reinstall the Xbox One controller to fix this error. Again, to learn the steps you need to follow the below sections.

Indications of the Xbox One Controller Runtime Error

The Xbox One Controller error message will appear on the screen with the titled window as:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Once this error message pops up, you will visit this error window every time, you visit your device while connecting the Xbox One controller. And if this is the case, then the only way to get rid of this problem is, you need to fix it, with the help of the useful methods as explained below.

If you visit this message while trying to open a game on your Xbox One controller. Then, worry not, and check out these below sections to learn the complete solutions of the Xbox One Runtime error.

Methods to Fix the Xbox One Controller Runtime Error

Being stuck with an error is very common but solving it with the proper methods is always a challenge to the users. That is why, here in this section we have laid down some of the useful methods, with the help of which you can able to fix this issue efficiently. So, let us not waste time and proceed to the methods below:

Method 1: Restart your Xbox One Console

The steps are very simple to follow to perform the Xbox One console restarting process and are as below. Restarting the Xbox console will not make any changes to the games or data which are stored in it:

  1. At first, tap the Xbox button, this will appear the guide window on the screen.
  2. Then, on this Xbox guide window, select the Settings icon.
  3. After that, from the available options under the Settings, select Restart console and then click on Yes to confirm.

After following these above steps if you still visit to see that the Xbox One Runtime error exists. Then, proceed with the next method.

Method 2: Update Xbox One Controller Firmware

Xbox controller updatesIf you have not recently update your Xbox One controller, then, this will be the fact as said earlier for this error. And in such a situation the solving method is quite complicated. To learn it, check out the steps as below:

Go to Devices & Accessories

At first, ensure that the controller is connected with the Xbox One console via. USB cable. Then, connect to Xbox Live. After that, from this Xbox window, navigate to the Menu section and click on Settings. Under Settings choose Devices & accessories and select the controller from the available options. And in case, if multiple controllers are attached with the console then, select on Buzz, this will vibrate the controller which you select.

Download and Update the Controller firmware

After selecting the exact controller from the available options under Devices & accessories, click on Update. Then, you will see that it will search for the updates and the downloading will be done automatically. Now, when you visit the Controller updated screen appears. Tap the letter B key, this will navigate you to the Devices & accessories window. All these are the steps to follow to update the Xbox One firmware controller. By doing this successfully, you will get rid of this problem efficiently.

All these are the two effective methods to fix the Xbox One controller Runtime error. Hopefully, after studying this article thoroughly, you will not face any problem regarding the methods as explained above.