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Effective Tips To Try When Windows Update Not Working

In most of the Windows devices, the system Update works uninterruptedly in the background. The update downloads all the available updates automatically and keeps the other downloads intact even after you restart the system. However, Windows update not working with a sudden system breakdown is quite common nowadays.  

If you are also facing the same issue with your computer, then this article will help you fix the Windows 10 update while it freezes or gets stuck. Mostly, the update error appears in all the Windows versions(Windows 7, 8, or 10) but it is highly prevalent with the Windows 10 device. Sometimes while updating the system software, it gets stuck displaying an error alert: “searching for updates”.

Here’s How To Fix Windows Update Not Working

Before executing the troubleshooting steps, note that it is important to keep updating Windows regularly. Whatever the trouble you face with the system, it is suggestive to keep the option of Automatic Updates active. It is one of the feasible solutions you can try to protect the device from ransomware and other threats.

Therefore, check if the PC has its Automatic Updates item enabled or not. If not, then it might leave your PC Windows vulnerable to new malware threats.

Fix Windows Update Stuck With Its Troubleshooter

Windows includes a scanning feature- troubleshooter which functions to detect and fix the Windows update error (as the case may be). It is another easy hack which you can proceed with to check if it resolves the “Windows download update” issue or not.

Here are the three actions performed by the system troubleshooter:

  1. First of all, it closes the Windows Update Services.
  2. Secondly, it instructs the user to rename the folder:  Windows/Software/Distribution/Old. Doing this will clear the download cache of the Windows update so as to allow restarting the update services.
  3. Finally, reboot the Windows Update Services.
Instructions To Use Troubleshooter:

Hit on Start panel and navigate to the troubleshooting option. Next, execute the selection that comes up with the search. Then tap on the System and Security option from the drop-down list of Control Panel. Hit on Resolve Issues With Windows Update section.

The Windows update prompt will open up from where you have to click on the Advanced tab. Ensure that the checkbox of Apply Repairs Automatically is enabled from the advanced settings. Then tap on Run as Admin and further tap on Next.

Allowing the troubleshooter with the administrative privileges helps to remove all the documents from the download cache. Accordingly, the troubleshooter processes and notifies you if your PC is free from the Windows 10 download update error or not.

Mostly, the tool functions successfully in fixing the above-mentioned issue. However, if the troubleshooter fails to identify the issue correctly, clearing the system cache, or random starting or stopping of the service may serve as the further alternatives.

Resolve Download Update Alert By Deleting Its Cache Manually

Are you still facing issues in downloading Windows 10 updates on your PC? If so, then perform a clear delete of all the cache files of the from the download cache. Note that, executing the action manually may help you out where the troubleshooter didn’t. Additionally, booting the system in the Safe Mode is another supportive measure to ensure that the system can smoothly clear out all the data from the Windows update download cache.

Simply, restart your Windows device and hit on the F8 key from the keyboard. Meanwhile, it will boot the system allowing access to the start-up menu. There, you will get a Safe Mode option. Just press and hold the Shift button while clicking on the Restart option in Windows.

Next, go to Troubleshoot and further click on Advanced Options. A window of Windows Startup Settings will appear on the screen. From there, go to Restart and hit on Safe Mode.

Though this solution is a bit complex than it used to be in the older models of Windows devices, it is still reasonably straightforward. It is advisable to merge Safe Mode option to the Windows startup tab, hence, making it easier to use in the future.

After you are done starting the system in Safe Mode, the next instruction is to close the Windows Update Service.

Steps To Terminate Windows Update Service

Go to Start menu and search for the Command Prompt section. Tap on the same and launch it.

There is a shortcut way of navigating to the Command Prompt tab:

Go to Start by pressing Windows and X key to open All Programs. Then finally tap on Command Prompt from Accessories. Finally, click Yes and run the Command Prompt with the administrative privileges.

Access the prompt and enter the dedicated text within the command dialog. After that, choose Enter to terminate Windows Update Service. Next, continue and exit from the Command Prompt window by leaving it open.

Delete all the files and folders from the Software distribution section of Windows. Now, recheck if the Windows 10 update is working correctly or not.

The above two solutions are apt and effective enough to bypass the Windows update issue if applied up to the mark. So go ahead and get rid of the Windows update not working trouble easily without spending a single penny.