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Windows Update Not Downloading: Get Easy Fixes

The Operating System is what allows the users to access their system. Moreover, Windows comes on most of the new PCs. It helps the users to make it the most popular Operating System in the world. Furthermore, Microsoft invented one of the most popular Operating System is Windows. This app enables users to create personalized entertainment instantly. Nowadays, Windows Update can be very much uncertain for Windows 7 users. Users often complained that Windows update not downloading. Sometimes, Windows update hampers at the initial phase of downloading.

Windows makes it possible to complete all your everyday’s tasks on your system without any difficulties. As an example, you can use Windows to browse the Internet, check your emails, play online games, and so much more. Generally, Windows updates mainly involve several types of upgrades, like security updates, critical section updates, etc. These kinds of updates are done to resolve system susceptibilities with malware and viruses.

On the other hand, updates correct bugs or upgrade the system functionalities. Windows update can’t work regularly and fails to install the updates.  

There can be many reasons behind this particular issue. If your system contains any virus, then it will obstruct at the time of Windows update or problem with the registry files may also cause the same issue. It can happen because of some antivirus software and firewall protection, Windows update error can occur. Apart from that, if there is no proper internet connection then also the issue may arise. So, if you have encountered any Windows issue, then not to worry about that. Here are some easy fixes for your Windows 7 does not update issue.

Simple Ways To Fix Windows Update Not Downloading Issue

Here in this article, you can get the necessary information to resolve this particular issue. related to Windows. So, if you find any step hard, then you can follow some alternative steps to fix the issue. Have a look at the solution procedures.

Update Windows Troubleshooter

Windows contains a well-proportioned and built-in troubleshooter, which can easily identify and resolve Windows updates will not download problems with Windows Update automatically.

  • To resolve the issue go to the Control Panel and open it. Then choose System and Security, select the fix problems and Windows Update option to open a new tab.
  • Now, visit the Advanced link to select Run as administrator in order to find more issues. Now click on Next. Then it will begin to identify any problems and repair them automatically. From this tab, you can easily view the complete information about the problems along with their solutions.
  • After completion of the procedure click the Close option to end the procedure of troubleshooting.

Clear Download Folder Related To System Updates

In case, if your download is getting paused during the installation, it indicates that there is something going wrong with the file itself. So, in that situation, the folder where all of the update files are saved forces Windows Update to download the fresh update again.

  • Press both the Windows and R key to open the Run window.
  • Now write ‘C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download’ and hit the OK button to open the new folder. Then, delete all the documents inside the folder. At the time of deleting, keep mind never to delete the original folder. To delete the data you can press Ctrl and A simultaneously and then press Delete option to remove the files.
  • After deleting all the files inside the download folder you can reboot your system and Run Windows Update. Then restarted and tried again, this time with the update going through successfully.

Disable Your Anti-virus Software

As we know that, each anti-virus will have their own steps to disable the temporary files. So, if you don’t know how to do this, then go to Settings or right-click on the icon and disable it there.

If disabling your anti-virus does not resolve your Windows Update problems, then you can read other solutions.

Disconnect Drives And Disable VPNs

Try to disconnect your media drives e.g, DVD drives or SD card reader. To do so, go to the Device Manager, then right-click on the respective drives which you want to uninstall and click on Disable.

Now, if you are still encountering Windows update not downloading, then it may be because of an issue with the Internet connection. So, disable the VPN service.

Upgrade Windows 10 Using Media Creation Tool

In case, if your Windows Update is not working, you can totally avoid it by using the Media Creation Tool. It creates an installation file of Windows 10 inside it and upgrades it to the newer version of the Operating System.

  • First, go to Microsoft’s page and hit the Download tool button.
  • Then, save all the additional files to your system and open it.
  • Now, accept to the terms and select “Upgrade your PC now” option and select the Next option.
  • Now, select the install option.
  • After completion of all the procedure reboot your system to enjoy the latest version of your Windows.


We hope that if you are going through the procedures then you are able to solve the Windows 7 update will not download problem without any difficulty. In the future, if you face the problem again in your system regarding the Windows, then you can go through our website for more details.