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Resolved Windows Update Error 80073712

Windows has been the earliest and the most successful venture of Microsoft. Since 1985, they launched the first of the Windows versions, Microsoft Windows, as a result of their innovative approach and promising mettle which thrived through the ages of technical whirlwinds. Moreover, the ease of access and effectiveness are the words which speak on behalf of Windows still now. But, through their journey Windows haven’t been unknown to glitches or bugs. One such error is the Windows Update Error 80073712. Here, in this article, you can check out how you can fix it as fast as feasible if you are facing such an error. But first, let’s check out the reason behind this particular error.

About The Error

The Windows Error 80073712 is basically an Update Error, as you can get it by the name itself. This error in your Windows Operating System can also be termed as the Error 0x80073712. It is mostly seen appearing on your screen when you are trying to update your Windows OS but it cannot be done. Here, your system require files to update itself. But they aren’t there, probably because they are damaged or missing.

Effective Steps To Ward Off The Windows Update Error 80073712

If you are getting the error 0x80073712 while you are trying to update your Operating System you can find all the essential steps here to combat your issue. The message “Error Code: 80073712 Windows Update encountered an unknown error. Unable to update” if it pops up on your screen, don’t worry. Simply scroll below to get all the useful steps and fix Windows Update error 80073712 in an instant.

The Windows Troubleshooter To Your Help:

The Windows Troubleshooter To Your Help:

You can get the aid of the Windows Troubleshooter right at the beginning which will help to work out the issues on your behalf. This has been the right choice for many users for successfully eradicating the error. Check with the steps below:

  • Tap the key with the Windows logo on from your keyboard and type “Troubleshooting”. You can see a result which says Troubleshooting with “Control Panel” written below. Go to the shown result.
  • You can get a window visible under the tab System and Security. Here, you need to find the link and click on Fix Problems With Windows Update.
  • Once you go on with the troubleshooter, wait until it is completely done. Next, try and update your Windows once again. If you’re still getting the error code, then continue with the following fixes.

The Alternative DISM Tool:

The Alternative DISM Tool

You can also use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management and get going with your update.  This tool can be used for servicing a Windows Image and have proven to bring out the best results for the users.

However, keep in mind that this is a heavy tool and even a minor lack of information can wreck your system.

Check the steps below for running the DISM tool:

  • Press the Windows key and type in DISM. Right-click the result and make sure that you choose Run As Administrator.
  • OR( If you are a Windows 10 user follow the next option)
  • Press the key bearing the Windows logo from your keyboard along with the letter “X”. Now, choose Command Prompt(Admin) from the menu. Or, you can also Click on the Start Menu>Type “cmd”>Right-click on the option CMD and then choose the option saying Run As Administrator.
  • As you’re in the Command Prompt type the commands :



  • After typing in the second command, press Enter. Next, close the Command Prompt window either by a left-click on the X tab in the corner or by typing in Exit and pressing Enter.
  • Finally, go to the Windows Update and run the process again. Now, verify whether the problem is fixed.

We hope that you would be back again to your normal working state reinforced with an updated version of Windows. If you like our article and want us to keep coming with essential troubleshooting methods for various technical errors, you can comment below.