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Fix Windows Movie Maker Black Screen With Easy Effective Solutions

Windows Movie Maker is a highly used, video editing software, designed by Microsoft. By using its enhanced features, you can merge any video clips into a digital movie, with ease. Moreover, it is globally accepted as you can operate it from any platform be it Android or any iOS gadget.

Despite its remarkable innovations, it is not at all free from glitches. Users, often report running into a Windows movie maker black screen error. This a very basic glitch that you may confront on a daily basis. Read this article to eliminate all the possibilities of occurrence of Windows Movie Maker black screen problem.

Primary Reason Behind Black Screen Error On Windows Movie maker

Before proceeding to troubleshoot, you must understand why the error occurred in the first place.

The leading cause for a black screen issue in Windows Movie Maker is incompatibility. It might generate problems abruptly due to corruption in the installation process of the software. Furthermore, if the recent installations are not compatible with the Windows Movie Maker application, then an error occurs. Even if it may seem a small glitch in the first place but may lead to a critical data issue eventually.

Whatever if the cause, it must be resolved immediately to help you save your critical data as well as the device.

Resolve | Windows Movie Maker Not Showing Video

There are multiple troubleshooting procedures to mitigate the Windows Movie Maker black screen problem. Try all the fixes mentioned here, to prevent it from recurring.

Fix 1: Check The Mute Settings

If the audio in Windows Movie Maker is set in the mute mode, then it can produce the black screen. To start, you need to try to get rid of settings. Go to the Windows Movie Maker menu and choose the Timeline opinion. Then expand both audio settings as well as video setting menu. There you need to right click and remove tick mark beside the Mute option.

Fix 2: Block Unnecessary Tasks

Several tasks usually run on a computer, which you can only view through the Task Manager. If it crosses the maximum limit then, it can not only degrades the performance of your current application but also generates several additional problems. To end the unnecessary programs, you just need to navigate to the Task Manager. There click the End option, next to the undesirable programs.

Fix 3: Restart And Scan Windows Movie Maker

When you choose to reboot an application, it helps you to start it from a renewed format. You can apply this basic solution to stop the Windows Movie Maker black screen error. Moreover, as soon as the application starts, run a complete scan it to eliminate the possibility of occurrence of a virus or malware.

Fix 4: Video Card Drivers Update

Windows Movie Maker requires an up-to-date driver so that it can operate appropriately. To start the process, you need to go to the Start menu at first. Then navigate to the Control Panel and select the Device Manager. As soon as the new Window appears, try to locate Display adapters option. Click on it and then highlight the driver name. Click on the  Update Driver Software button. Next, you have to tick the box beside ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option.

Windows will automatically search for the latest driver software and install them. Lastly, reboot your device to save the recent changes. You must note that the internet has secure and stable connectivity, before initiating this process.

Fix 5: Update  Windows Movie Maker

Check if you are using an updated version of Windows Movie Maker. If not, you need to reinstall it at the earliest to fix the problem. You need to go to the official website and look for the latest updates for the application. Verify whether it is compatible with your system. Then hit on the Download button beside the link. Choose your preferred location where you want to save the files associated with it. Now, wait till the process completes, the installation will start automatically.

After completion, reboot your device and try to check if the error persists.

Note For The Reader

You can test if the problem is with Windows Movie Maker or the file you intend to play. If the video file is corrupted, then you need to run the registry tool to fix it.


This article tries to meet all your standard requirements. Additionally, you get abundant solutions for fixing black screen in Windows Movie Maker. The fixes tend to vary from device to device, so try to carry each of the processes as mentioned earlier. We hope that by the end of the article Windows Movie Maker black screen problem will be eradicated. Moreover, you can share your experience in the comment section.