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Fixed Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem

A hard disk is the data storage device of your computer or laptop. It uses the magnetic storage procedure to copy data into the system. A system is nothing without a hard disk. It is connected to the motherboard of the system with the help of several connecting wires. However, you can sometimes face Windows detected a hard disk problem while using your computer. This can be a problem for you as you won’t be able to store data in the system until the problem is solved. As a result, it disrupts your work to a great extent. So, if you wish to resolve the issue by yourself, have a look at this article to solve the issues at the earliest.

What Causes Hard Disk Problem?

There are several reasons for this malfunctioning. You need to understand the exact fault in order to derive a perfect solution to the problem.

There can be a problem with the drivers of your system which is leading to such issues. You need to update the hardware drivers because sometimes an outdated driver can give rise to such glitches.

A system error such as a registry failure can be a reason. Run the Troubleshooter to get rid of this problem.

There can simply be a mechanical error which is a hardware problem. Check the performance of the hard disk by replacing it with a dummy hard disk. Change the hard disk if there is an error.

If your system is affected by malware and other viruses then there can be a chance that the hard disk might not function properly.

Sometimes a human error can also bring such defects.

Moreover, if the system files are corrupt or damaged then you can face issues like this. You have to see if any of the DLL files are missing or not. Download the DLL file which is missing.

Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem Virus: Get Easy Solutions

If you are stuck while copying anything to your hard disk then you need to fix the glitch immediately. If you are confident to fix the errors on your own then take a glimpse at these simple hacks as this might help.

Check The System File

You have to monitor the system files present in your computer to get rid of the query Windows detected a hard disk problem. Have a look at how to do the procedure. Press the Windows button and type “Run” in the search field. The Run dialog box shows up on your screen. Then in the Run search box write Command Prompt and hit the OK button. Then click on the Command Prompt option. Confirm by clicking YES in the User Account Control pop up. The Command Prompt window will appear on your screen. Then write the command “sfc/scannow” in the Command Prompt window and press the Enter button. Wait for the verification to reach 100 percent.
If there is any issue with the hard disk, the system file checker will troubleshoot the defect and help you recover your lost data if there is any.

Check Disk

You need to check your hard disk from the computer if you find Windows detected a hard disk problem. This will help you know the exact cause behind such errors and also provide a solution to the problem. Have a look at the ways to perform a disk check. You have to press the Windows button and type “Windows File Explorer” in the search box of the Start menu. Then click on the Windows File Explorer option. The File Explorer window will open. Then go to the hard disk C and right-click on that. Select the “Properties” option from the drop-down menu. The Properties window will open and there you have to view the Tools pane and click on ‘Check Now’. Now, check the option Automatically fix system file errors. The system will scan and look for any kind of glitches that may be present in your device. Then it will take some time to automatically resolve the issues. Wait for the process to end. Dismiss the window and restart your computer. After that see if Windows detected a hard disk problem is resolved.

Disable Disk Diagnostics

Click on the Start menu on the left side of the taskbar. There type Run in the Start menu search field. Then select the Run option. The Run dialog box appears on the screen. Type “gpedit.msc” in the Run search box and hit the OK button. Now, go to Administrative Templates followed by the System option. In the System menu click on the options “Troubleshooting and Diagnostics” and “Disk Diagnostics” respectively. In the Disk Diagnostics option go to Configure execution level present at the right side of the window. Check the option Disable and hit the OK button. Copy any file or folder in your hard disk and see if the problem is resolved or not.

Update Hardware Drivers

An update of your device drivers can fix the hard disk issues of your computer. Follow the steps carefully to update the device drivers. Press the Windows button from the keyboard and write Device Manager in the Start menu search box. Then select the Device Manager option from the list of other options. The Device Manager window will open. There you will see a list of all the drivers installed in the system. Locate the “Hardware drivers” option and right-click on that. Select the “Update driver” option from the drop-down menu. Wait for the system to install the latest features and update the driver. Restart your computer after some time and and check if the hard disk is working or not.

Terminate Explorer.exe Process

Press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys simultaneously from the keyboard to access the “Task Manager” of the system. The Task Manager window will appear on the screen. Then switch to the “Processes” tab. Search for “.exe” process. After you locate the “.exe” process, right-click on it and select “End Process”. The “.exe” process will be terminated from your system until you create the process from the Task Manager again.