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Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working | Affordable Solutions

Windows 10 is one of the popular operating systems that is used by millions of customers and is packed with loads of new features. In the latest version, you will find extensions to ease your work. Despite the advancements, some problems worry users. Windows 10 start menu not working is becoming a common issue these days. There are few reasons behind this glitch, for instance, it can occur if there is an update failure or configuration trouble. Whatever be the cause, the early signs should not be ignored. Read the article to know more about Windows and the simple solutions to resolve it.

Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working| Major Reasons

Windows 10 is the latest version from the house of Microsoft. In the updated one, some adds ons and extensions like Xbox app, Cortana, multitasking facilities make it different from Windows 7 and 8. However, it is not free from issues and often the menu button does not work. This can occur on multiple occasions which we will discuss as much as possible.

  1. The primary cause behind the glitch is an update failure. Many users who use Windows 7 and 8 previously, could not open the Windows button after updating it. As a result, they cannot enjoy the features of Windows 10 to the fullest.
  2. Sure pop-ups appear if you type the wrong password and username while logging in to your account. Besides that, there can be errors in the Windows registry.
  3. Cache, cookies and junk files take up a lot of space in the RAM and trigger specific troubles
  4. Antivirus software and Firewall restrictions can interfere with other programs and can stop the menu button from appearing on the screen. In some cases, the icon may disappear.
  5. Cortana is one of the best things in Windows 10. But if it is out of date,  Windows button will not work. Your taskbar will not open, and none of, the commands will work.
  6. If you accidentally delete the Windows 10 files, there will be a configuration error and hence, home icon will stop working.

Have a glimpse on the simple techniques you can use to eliminate the trouble on your own.

Simple Methods To Resolve Windows 10 Windows Button Not Working

Try these simple hacks to remove the glitch from your system. First, enter your credentials, for instance, your username and passcode and login to your account. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete together and tap on the sign-out option. Now, type all the credentials required and sign to see if the problem is solved.

Solve Windows Button On Keyboard Not Working

As an alternative, you can create a new account and become the admin. Tap on Task Manager and search the file option. Now select the first one in the list and click on Powershell and tick the small box underneath it. Click Ok and type a command prompt mentioning your username and passcode. Then, restart your P.C to see the changes. If this method does not work, move to the next one.

Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working: Other Fixes

You can clear the cache, cookies and unwanted files from the system and create some space in the RAM. Now, update your Windows 10 or the drivers. Video or sound card driver can develop troubles if they are corrupted or damaged. Therefore, tap on the Windows logo and X simultaneously to open Device Manager. Now click on the sound controller panel and choose the third option from the list on your right. Sooner a message will appear urging you to delete driver software. Tick on the box to continue with the process. Wait a while and restart your device. Then, uninstall the sound and audio card.  Later on, download and update them.

Fix Windows 10 Cortana Not Working

Often, an out of date Cortana and other impositions from antivirus software and Firewall can create trouble and you cannot open the Start button. In that case,  you must relaunch Cortana or disable the third-party apps for the time being.

First, move to the Desktop and tap on the Task Manager. After that, choose File from that section. Click the first option and like the previous method, open Powershell and click the small box below it. Now, enter a command prompt and wait until Cortana relaunches and is ready to use.

Further, you can deactivate the internet security software by tapping on the shortcut icon present on your screen. Remember, Windows 10 has its own antivirus application Windows Defender which cannot be removed from the system. It will be active in the background. But there is nothing much to worry.

Troubleshoot Windows 10

There are further ways to make your Windows Start icon work. You can either check the Windows folders or remove Dropbox from the system.

To remove corrupt files from your P.C, follow the same procedure until you reach the Powershell option and enter the command “sfc/scannow.” Wait until a clean activity appears on display. Retype the command and wait until the process is generated. Once the operation finishes, your Windows 10 start key will be back.

Finally, you can remove the Dropbox application from the Settings option on your device. Press Windows key and R together and enter Run in the folder section. Now press OK to reach the Control Panel section. Choose the first option available in that box and Uninstall Dropbox.

Hope this article was helpful in resolving your worries regarding windows 10 start menu not working.