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Windows 10 Mail App Not Syncing: Easy Solution To Fix

Now a day every user use Windows 10 operating system in their computer devices. Sometimes you may face some problems while using Windows 10 in your device. One of the most common issues that almost every user faces is Windows 10 mail app is not syncing. In this article, you will get all the necessary troubleshooting techniques that will help you to resolve the issue.

An Effective Solution for How To Sync Email In Windows 10

In order to solve the issue, you need to go through the following stages. Here we will also discuss some of the effective troubleshooting methods for Windows 10 mail not synced yet and Windows 10 mail not syncing.

Choose The Account

Choose The Account

The operating system may take some time if it’s not updated or latest for that reason it may show Windows 10 mail app not syncing. But after 30 minutes if the issue not fixed, then first go to the “mail app”. In the app, first, choose a setting and then from there choose “manage account”. Now click on the app (account) of which you want to synchronize.

Change Your Privacy Settings

Now from the available options such as  private, account, system click on the “account.”On account pick up “change your privacy setting”. Now select “any time” from the “download email from”. Similarly from the “download new content” choose “as the time arrives”. Now check whether the syncing is on or not. Click done and save your setting for getting your settings immediately.

Remove And Re-add

Something this trouble can be fixed if you delete your account and then adding it. For removing, go to the start menu. Type “mail” to find the “mail app”.  After you find the “mail app”, click on it to open. Select that or those accounts which you want to delete. Now at the bottom, you will find delete or remove Icon, click on that and mail app will remove.  In this process, you can remove all the unwanted accounts one by one. Now check, mail app is properly syncing or not. If it is syncing properly then re-add all that accounts that you removed by downloading and installing one by one.

Reconfigure Your Device

To solve your mail app trouble problems in Windows 10, first, you need to change your Microsoft account into a local account and then again change it to Microsoft account. The process is shown in the below

  • Start>Settings>Accounts> Sign In With>Local Account Instead
  • The same process will apply to bring back Microsoft account from the local account.

After Reconfiguration, restart your device and check if the issue is sorted or not.

Scan Your Device

Scan your device to make sure that all the applications used are genuine. Because sometimes if you use duplicate applications, then this type of issues may occur. While scanning computer it will inform about the exact reason and you need to modify the same. Modify all required settings and then restart your machine. If your email is still not syncing properly, try the next solution.

Find Your Proper IP Address

Sometimes, when your machine is trying to update Windows and if your computer does not find a proper IP address, then sync prob may create troubles. If it coded as “0x80072EE7”, it means your machine contains a static IP address. For sorted out that issue go after the steps.

  • Start>Troubleshooting>View all> Windows update.
  • Follow the instructions that occur on the display

Still struggling to sync the mail app? No need to worry, here’s another fix for you try. This might bring you the desired result.

Download The Latest Version

If your Windows version is outdated, then, for this reason, you may face this issue. So you need to download the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system.

Determine Windows 10’s quality

Firstly, On the home page click on the “start” menu. From there select “ Settings”, then click on the “System”. In the system tab click on “About” and it will show you the detail information about your computer such as version, model number, etc. Note that number. Now go to the “Windows 10 “ release information and check which version is recommended for you. If the recommended version contains more features than your previous one, download and updated it.

How to Updated Windows 10’s latest version

How to Updated Windows 10’s latest version

Check the internet connection. Then follow the stages : “Start>Updates> Check for updates> Windows updates>Check for updates. Download it and try to install. After that restart your machine.

Check Your Mailbox Settings

If you use the mail account of Yahoo, Google or iCloud, just make sure that all the settings are designed according to the email providers instructions. In case if you use Exchange account or office 365, then advanced mailbox settings will not available there unless you design it. To check out the advanced mail settings setup first click on the “start” icon. Then in the search field type “Mail”. Double click on the “mail app“ to open it. Then click on the “Gear icon”, that is located at the bottom of the left corner. Now selects “Manage accounts>then click on Change Mailbox sync settings > from there select Advanced mailbox settings. Ensuring that all the Incoming and outgoing addressed that provided is correct. In case no proof (authentication) is required then click on the dialog box which is next to Outgoing server requires authentication. If your email provider demand for a separate authentication, then the box that is shown next to “Use the same name and password for sending email”, uncheck it.

See your troubles are still occurring or not.


A quick thing that you can try is to simply check the security of the software that you use. The antivirus software can also be a reason for the same.

The above solutions methods are quite effective and quick. Try the above methods and see which methods are providing you the best troubleshooting for your computer.