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Verizon Text Message Error Code 98: Effective Steps To Follow

Inspite of the popularity and wireless facility, quite a few users complain about Verizon text message error code 98. This is quite an annoying situation for you. When you try to send a message to a specific contact, the error code appears on your device. Moreover, the error code means that either the person whom you send the message does not have SMS activated on their device or it might happen when your number has been blocked.

Hence, if you are a Verizon device user and frequently getting this error code while sending a message to a particular person, you need to fix the error as early as possible. So, go through the article carefully and check the process in order to eliminate the error code on your own.

Prime Reasons behind the Verizon Text Message Error Code 98

Basically, this error code is generated when you are trying to send SMS through the Verizon device. In addition, the error occurs due to the reason that you haven’t updated your device.

Now that you are aware of the causes, let’s focus on the solutions to resolve this particular matter by yourself.

How to Fix Verizon Text Message Error Code 98 in Simple Steps?

You will find there are many ways regarding how to fix Verizon text message error code 98, but most of the times, they don’t work for you. Hence, you need effective solutions in order to eliminate the error. And you will get that in this article. Therefore, stay with this article and apply the procedures that are mentioned in the section below to resolve the error code.

Solution 1: Delete the Call Log and Message

Delete the Call Log and MessageAt first, from the list, you need to delete all the text messages to get rid of this situation. You need to delete all the call log related to a particular contact which is responsible for this error code.

Solution 2: Delete Caches and Cookies

Delete Caches and CookiesSometimes, the issue occurs when there is a problem with the hardware. Therefore, you need to remove the cache data and cookies from your Verizon device. To do that, follow the instructions that are mentioned in the section below.

  • At first, go to the Settings menu on your device. Find the Message application.
  • After that, locate the application. Then, tap on the Storage option and then select clear cache option.
  • After clearing the caches and cookies of your message application, try to send an SMS to that number and check whether the error code still appears or not.

Solution 3: Remove the SIM Card and Insert it Again

Sometimes, the problem occurs with the SIM card. Hence, you need to take out the SIM card and then insert it again. So, power off the cell phone and then remove the SIM card from your phone. After that, wait for a while and then insert the SIM card again. Switch on your phone and check whether the error code still exists or not.

Solution 4: Reboot your Device

Reboot your DeviceRebooting your Verizon device can be a smart option to solve the error code. Hence, hold the power button and tap on the reboot option. When the device opens, check the status of the error code.

Wrapping up

On the whole, these are the solutions to fix Verizon text message error code 98 on your Verizon device. Hope, after going through the fixes and applying them step by step, you can easily resolve the error without any trouble. In case you face any problem while performing the steps, you need to take an expert opinion.