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Eliminate Verizon Error Code 9001 With Effective Solutions

For several years, Verizon has been the name you can trust. It follows a global standard in telecommunications. But, inspite of its popularity and wireless facilities, quite a few users complain about Verizon Error Code 9001. This apparent glitch appears when the voicemail app does not work on specific mobile phones. There are many reasons for it. From software installation errors to hardware glitches in the mobile, the list can be long. If you are facing this acute trouble, read the article fully and eliminate the problem singlehandedly.

Acute Reasons behind Verizon error code 9001

There are several issues that can lead to the wireless phones’ error code. You may encounter voice mail troubles if the Operating System is incompatible with Verizon wireless.Though Android and iOS support this platform, an upgradation in the system can lead to this error. For example, Apple users found the Verizon indicator missing after updating the version to iOS 11. While delving into the solution, they found that they had encountered the code 9001. Worse still,  the visual voicemail was also not working. Similarly, recent changes in the phone, say, the booting procedure can remove files and software related to Verizon. A hardware glitch can also remove the voicemail option. Say, for example, a glitch in the Samsung model can zip the files and you can no longer access it. To summarize:

  • Upgrading the system can remove or delete the Verizon related files
  • Booting procedure can delete the wireless communication and you will find the notification button missing
  • Accidentally switching on the cellular data and airplane mode together can lead to the issue. This can happen in any model and Operating System.
  • Any glitch in the network settings like slow connection can hamper Verizon’s performance
  • Applying the wrong account name and password are additional reasons for this trouble.

Besides this, if you try to connect your voicemail account with the Wifi network, Verizon wireless stops working. You then have to dial 86 for receiving the messages that were sent to your phone. The trouble can create a mess in the office. But with the simple solutions in the next section, the trouble will vanish.

How to Fix Verizon error code 9001 in Simple Steps?

Quite a few Verizon customers have tried some indigenous methods to resolve the trouble. But the error keeps coming back. Down below we will discuss some solutions that will ward off voicemail app problem. We will discuss the solutions for both Android and iPhone users. Make sure to try them out  and you will find the suited one for you:

Resolve Verizon error code 9001: Solution 1 data saver / unrestricted data

  1. First, switch on your Android phone and move to the settings. There you will find the data saver.
  2. Turn that On and check the options that appear on that page. Hover around your Verizon account and click on its settings.
  3. Now, view the slider available for p[assing unrestricted data.
  4. Turn the slider On and sooner you will see that the voicemail notifications will appear one after the other.
  5. In case an error comes back, move to the next solution.

Solution 2 for Android userssolution 2 ( turn off airplane mode)

As already stated, accidentally switching on the airplane mode, stops the visual mail from working. So, here are a few steps to activate the voicemail. First, turn on your phone and slid over the screen to view the options of your phone. You will find the Airplane mode beside the bluetooth. Deactivate it if it is turned on. Then, move back to your voicemail and see if it is working.

Solution 3solution 3 ( verizon sign in)

As an alternative, go to the voicemail and sign in afresh. Make sure you type the correct user id and password. If any hardware glitches are absent, you will be able to access it without any problem.

Fix Verizon error code 9001 for iPhone

Before you turn to the customer support for resolving the error in your iPhone make sure you follow these simple hacks.For iPhone ( Carrier option)

First, move to the settings of your iPhone6 and hover over the General section. Then, move to the About page and search for Carrier options. Once you find it, install it for removing any pending notification.

Solution 4turn on cellular data)

As the second solution, turn on your iPhone and move to the settings section. Search for Cellular and navigate to Cellular Data. Then, tap it off. Wait for a minute before turning the cellular data on. Now, restart your smartphone and check if the problem is solved.

As an alternative, you can move back to the settings panel and activate it. After 2 minutes, start the smartphone again.

Wrapping Up

I hope the article was helpful. If the troubles do not go away, you can get hold of customer service. But in most cases, the solutions work.