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How To Fix User Profile Service Failed The Logon Windows 7 Error

In a Windows OS system, file corruption is a common issue. Ever Windows users face this problem once or twice in a month. It comes under the category of the common issues but it can trigger a lot of major errors in the system such as Blue screen error, HDD or SDD crash, System crash, etc.

In the Windows OS lineup, there are a lot of errors which happens due to the file corruption. Most of those file corruption formed due to the Windows system updates, therefore, Microsoft is trying to identify every possible error and then fix them with a proper patch update.

Due to their large user base with different Windows OS version, they are still far away to meet their patch update goals. Therefore those errors need to get fixed manually.

In this article, we are going to discuss about user profile service failed the logon” windows 7. This one of the common errors which occurs due to the system file corruption. This causer many trouble for the users, therefore, we are going to fix it manually.

Reasons For User Profile Service Failed the Logon Windows 7

The main reason for this error is the system file corruption. There are a lot of reasons that can corrupt the system file but the Windows system updates are the primary suspect.

During this error, users will be unable to login into their system even though they have entered the correct password. It will show them “user profile service failed the logon” and ” The user profile cannot be loaded” error message and bring them back to the log-on screen page.

But you don’t need to worry about it because it is a common issue in Windows 7 and it can be fixed very easily with manual fixing.

Tricks For The User Profile Service Failed The Logon Windows 7 Error Solution

To solve this issue we have suggested few tricks under our sleeves but before unveiling them you need to do some primary troubleshoot. And that troubleshoot is the System Restart.  Most of the time a simple restart can fix this file corruption error and Windows 7 users can start their daily work again.

But if you are unable to fix this error then here are some tricks by which we can rectify it. Before applying the solutions there are some things that you need to accomplish first. That accomplishment is known as System Backup. It is important because during this kind of fixes there are chances of data loss. Many users have ignored this suggestion and lost there, therefore be wise when you opt for it.
For this backup, you need to have sufficient storage in which you can copy your whole data and other important files. You can perform this task by entering into the Safe Mode.

After creating the System Backup you can apply the solutions without any problem.


1. Create A New Users Profile

To perform this fix you need a Second User Account on your Windows 7 OS. If you don’t have one then you need to create one.

To create such account first, enter into Safe Mode and open the Run box by pressing the “Windows key + R”. On the Run box, you need to type” cmd” and then hit the Enter key. Then hit the Command Prompt. On the Command Prompt box, you need to type “net user administrator /active:yes”. After that, it will show you “The command completed successfully” message. Then you need to reboot the system.  After the reboot, you will find the both new and the old corrupted user account on your login screen.

Now you need to enter into the new user account. Then open the Control panel and click on the User Accounts and Family Safety.  After that, you need to enter into the User Accounts section. Inside User Accounts, you need to click on the Manage Another Account and then type the password of your old account.

Now you have to click on the Create A New Account and then type a name for it. But keep it in mind that the new name should be different from the old one and don’t worry you can change that name after the task is completed. Now restart your system

In the next instance, you need to copy all of your files to your new profile.

To do that, log in your system as a Guest or Administrator. After that go the Computer folder and then enter into the C drive where usually your OS has been installed. On that drive, you need to open the User Folder.

In the User Folder, you need to find your older user account and then double click on it. After that open the My Document. Now copy all the files and then paste them into the new user account folder which contains the same path as the old one. But in this process don’t copy




files into your new user folder. Now the last thing you need to do is reboot your system and enter into your new user account and verify about all the old settings and apps. After the verification, delete the corrupted user account.

2. Method To Fix The Corrupt Windows Profile

User Profile Service Errors occur due to the antivirus which starts running during the login screen time.

To solve this issue at first you need to enter into the Safe mode of the Windows 7. After the entry, you need to open Registry Editor by typing the” regedit” in the Search box and then hit the Enter key.

Now on the Registry Editor folder, you need to go to the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList” key. Now there we need to click on S-1-5 folder and then open the ProfileImagePath entry to find out about your old user account.

Then you need to locate the corrupted file folder and open the Refcount key. There you need to change its Value Date to 0 and then click OK. After that double click on the Value Name option which is labelled as State and that will make sure that the Value data is 0. Then click the OK option. Now close all the folder and give your system a restart.

This time you might be able to login into your Windows account. But if you are unable to fix your problem then you need reinstall the Windows 7 once more.

Summing Up

We believe that with help of our instructions and solutions you are able to fix the User profile service failed The Logon Windows 7 error. Post your queries and we will try to update you about other solutions by our article. Therefore keep in touch with us.