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Eliminate Steam Service Error Using 5 Easy-To-Apply Methods

If you are a gamer, then Steam must be your first choice to test your gaming skills. Basically, it is a digital distribution platform that is meant to enhance your gaming skills and also grants you access to a vast gaming library. But have you ever tried to download a 20+GB game on Steam and suddenly find that the files are either corrupted or missing? Then, it is the outcome of the Steam service error install service.

Secondly, you might also get an error notification as “The Steam service component is not working properly on this computer. Reinstalling the Steam service requires administrator privileges”. This generally happens due to file conflict. Fortunately, there are several ways that can help you to fix the problem associated with Steam. This article might prove to be enough, where you can learn 5 easy means of eliminating the error.

Comprehensive Guide for Steam Service Error Fix

There are more that one reason that can lead you to this Steam service error. We will discuss each of the prime causes and help you get it resolved with a flicker of time.

Method 1: Verifying the Integrity of the Game

Verifying the Integrity of the GameThis is considered to be the most basic method that can help to fix certain internal software corruption associated with the game you were trying to download. To start with, try to launch Steam, go to the Library tab and select the game that initiated the error in the first place. Right-click on the game and from the drop-down list select Properties.

When the Properties window appears on the screen, locate and select the Local Files tab. Now, you will get an option ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache’. This process will take some time to validate the game’s installation. If any wrong files are detected. Then, those will get re-downloaded and installed automatically. As soon as the files are reconfigured, click on the Play button and wait for a while. Steam will get an automated indication to launch the game.

Further, you can also check the integrity of the Game cache to delete any malicious content. Finally, try to launch the game again and you can access the platform with ease.

Method 2: Run the Game as an Administrator

Run the Game as an AdministratorIf the game lacks access to proper administrator privileges, then it can stop you from accessing it. Thus, an error message gets prompted. Now, to deal with this, you have to modify the game in order to permit it the right-to-access.

Now, to run the game as an Administrator, you have to run the game from the Steam Library. Navigate to Properties and click on the Local Files tab. Locate and select the Browse Local Files option. Search for the executable version of the game within the application and right-click on it. A drop-down list will appear, go to Properties and select the Compatibility tab.

Finally, right beside the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ label check the box and click on the Apply button. This should help to grant the game all the administrator privileges. Restart Steam to incorporate all the new settings, and then try to launch the game again.

Method 3: Run Steam as Administrator

Run Steam as AdministratorIf allowing the game all its accessible right, does not resolve the Steam service error, then you can try running the Steam application in Administrator mode. The steps are more than easy and you do not need to be acquainted in the technical domain to apply them. At first, navigate directly to the Steam install folder. Otherwise, you can also copy this link and paste it on the search panel: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam.

Hit the Enter key from the keyboard to go to this default address. Now, right-click on the Steam executable file, from the drop-down list select Properties, and then click on the Compatibility tab. When a new window appears, locate the label ‘Run this program as an administrator’, right next to it you will get a box, click on it to enable the feature. Lastly, click on the Apply button to save the changes.

Once you are done setting the application as ‘Run as Administrator’, restart Steam. Try to load the game once and note whether the error notification disrupts the access or not.

Method 4: Enable Steam Service

Enable Steam ServiceIf you note that the pre-installed antivirus software is conflicting with Steam, then it indicates a Steam service failure. So, you can try to enable the Steam Service. Close all the windows associated with Steam. Go to the Start menu and click on Run. Otherwise, you can also hold down the Windows key, as well as, R key to open the Run dialogue box. Type the following command: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\bin\Steamservice.exe /Install and hit the Enter key.

In case, Steam is installed in some other location, then the command should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam (with the correct path). The command needs some time to incorporate the administrator privileges. Finally, launch Steam and test whether the issue gets resolved or not.

Additionally, you can also try to disable the known interfering application. These applications generally include anti-virus application, anti-spyware application, and firewall or any security application.

Method 5: Disable the Steam Overlay

Disable the Steam OverlayThe last resort that can help you to eliminate the risk from your device is by disabling the Steam Overlay. To proceed, open Steam and navigate to the Settings option. In the new window, locate and select the tab In-Game. Now, in that tab, you have to uncheck the box right next to the label ‘Enable Steam Community while in-game’ and to save the changes click the OK button.

This will disable the Steam overlay for all the games, otherwise, you can also right-click on the preferred game tile and then uncheck the box ‘Enable Steam Community In-Game’. This will disable specific games in the general tab. Lastly, restart Steam and try to launch the game once again. This will resolve the ‘Steam service error the steam service component’ problem eventually.

Additional Tips:

Here, we are going to discuss some additional tricks and tips that can help you to prevent such Steam errors in the near future. Have  a look:

  1. If you ever face any kind of error message on the screen, then you can reinstall Steam. This will delete the associated files which fail to work as well as will also eliminate the registry entries which are faulty.
  • You can either go for a third-party uninstaller or follow the steps mentioned here, as per your preference.
  • However, before you proceed, you need to keep a backup of all the files, games and data. Then, exit Steam and move to the Steamapps folder to save the installations.
  • Now, in the Control Panel, open the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ option and select Steam from the list.
  • Right-click on the application and hit the Remove button.  Select Next to move forward towards the next window. In the new window click on Finish to uninstall the application. Finally, restart the device and download the client installer from its official website and install Steam.
  1. Secondly, try to keep the application up-to-date, so that, the minor glitches can be easily monitored, and resolved automatically without any manual workarounds. You can also try to update the OS of the device where you are using to run Steam, so that, you can avoid incompatibility issue. Further, try to use the in-built antivirus program and avoid downloading any third-party unsecured program.


The steps mentioned above may not assist you to fix all the broken ends of Steam install error but they will surely fix a large component. This will additionally help you to run and play games on Steam without any hindrance.

But alongside, it is also highly recommended, that you keep a backup of all the games through the Steam Cloud or use a flash drive to avoid such technical glitches in future. You can always use the feedback box to share your queries, as well as, experiences regarding Steam service error.