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Roku Screen Mirroring Not Working? 3 Surefire Hacks To Fix It In Minutes

Roku screen mirroring not working is one of the most common glitches that users mostly complain of. And this technical hitch mostly triggers in Windows 10 version. Users mostly complain that the Status of Roku is often displayed as “Couldn’t Connect”.

At other times, the connection fails to establish or is interrupted midway, restricting the course of the activation process. The connection fails to establish despite the status bar displaying the message that says “Connecting”  

Some users are also known to complain that the feature fails to function properly even after the screen mirroring is shown to be successfully connected. 

Now, obviously, running into such an unprecedented technical out of the bloom is certainly quite a displeasing experience. However, worry not, every technical glitch has a solution. And Windows 10 Roku screen mirroring not working is by no means an exception. 

Like all other problems, this too can be fixed quite easily. And in this article, we intend to guide you through the most feasible workarounds to counter the glitch in question.

Potential Causes Behind Roku screen mirroring not working  

Prior to moving on to the solutions, in this section, we wish to impart with you some of the most common causative factors. Since knowing the causes behind the problem will help you to deal with the problem better. 

Thus, cited below are the two fundamental causes precipitating the Windows 10 Roku screen mirroring not working.  

  1. Roku Stuck in Limbo State: 

One of the most common causes triggering the error message is when the Roku device get stuck in Limbo state. In such cases, the Window Operating System fails to read the device, thereby displaying its status as  “Pending” 

    2. Miracast Divers Detected as Outdated:

The technical hitch in question also occurs in case your PC  uses a screen mirroring technology that the Miracast driver you are using does no support. This can happen in case you are using an outdated version of the Miracast driver. 

How to Counter Windows 10 Roku Screen Mirroring Not Working Most Easily?

In this section, we shall guide you through the most effective workarounds that you must apply in order to mitigate the hitch. Take a look. 

Resort 1: Try Updating Windows to the Latest Version

Try Updating Windows to the Latest VersionThe issue under question often triggers due to driver related issues. In such cases, the best possible way to resolve the glitch to update the Windows version to its latest build. Follow the steps: 

  • Launch the Run command by pressing on the Windows key + R simultaneously from your keyboard.
  • The moment the Run dialog box pops up, you need to feed in the command, “ms-settings:windowsupdate” and press the Enter button. 
  • The moment you do this, the Windows Update Tab located under Settings will open.  
  • Once in the Windows Update Tab, you need to press upon the ‘Check for Updates’ option and check out if you have any pending updates. 
  • The moment you find them, you will have to adhere to the on-screen instructions and install each of the available updates.  
  • You need to continue doing this until Windows is successfully updated to the latest version. 
  • On completion of the entire procedure reboot your PC afresh.
  • Once done, you should no longer confront the “Roku screen mirroring not working”  if it is caused due to driver-related issues. 

Resort 2. Try Erasing Roku From the List of Connected Devices

Try Erasing Roku From the List of Connected Devices   Often the glitch in question triggers if the Roku Driver gets stuck in Limbo State. Under such cases, despite showing it as being connected, Windows fail to complete the process. 

In case you run into such an unexpected complication, follow the instructions listed below in order to fix the glitch 

  • Press Windows key + R simultaneously in order to launch the Run Command. 
  • Thereafter put in the command “ms-settings: connected devices” within the Run dialog box and press the Enter button. 
  • As soon as you do this, the Connected Devices Tab located under Settings will open up.
  • The moment you reach out to the “Bluetooth & other devices screen” screen, you need to drop down the mouse cursor to the “Other Devices” option.  
  • Once in, you will have to detect your Roku device. 
  • After detecting, press upon the device and select the option that says “Remove the device from the context menu”. 
  • Once you have successfully removed the Roku device, you need to scroll back and press upon the option that says “Add Bluetooth or other devices”.
  • Now, as soon as you are into the ‘Add a device’ screen, you need to press on the Wireless display or dock.
  • Thereafter, you should hold on until your OS identifies the Roku device. 
  • Following this, execute the remaining procedure by means of following the instructions popping up on-screen  
  • Lastly, after the successful execution of the entire procedure, try rebooting your PC. 


Resort 3: Update Your Wireless Network Driver 

Update Your Wireless Network Driver Many readers have raised concerns that one of the foremost causes behind the occurrence of the “Windows 10 Roku screen mirroring not working” issue is the use of outdated wireless network driver. 

Thus, one of the surefires strategies to resolve the Miracast connection error is to update the outdated wireless network driver to the latest version. 

  • First and foremost initialize the Run command by pressing the Windows key + R together 
  • Thereafter, launch the Device Manager by means of feeding in the command “devmgmt.msc” in the Run dialog box and pressing the Enter button.
  • Once into the Device Manager, navigate over to the Network Adaptors option. 
  • Following this, you will have to right-click on your Wireless network adapter and select Properties 
  • The moment you are inside the Properties Windows, choose the Driver tab.  
  • Thereafter, press upon Update Driver option.
  • In the separate screen that pops up, you need to press on the option that says “Search Automatically for updated driver software”. Once clicked, you must hold on until the scanning procedure is successfully completed. 
  • On completion, perform the remaining on-screen prompts in order to successfully complete the installation procedure. 

Now it time for us to wrap up. Before we leave, we shall strongly recommend our readers to take a thorough note of the workarounds we suggested above. Applying these surefire strategies you can resolve the “Roku screen mirroring not working” within minutes.